Wednesday, October 25, 2023

New (Old) Shtick By 404...

 ... army of TSIPSO paid trolls and even greater army of a completely brainwashed 404ers. They continue to hang around all kinds of Russian media resources posting only BS which has no effect anymore with its FUD content, so, they resort to all kinds of "commentaries" like this: "Sure, Russia has shot down two ATACMS, but if that would have been 10, 20 (40, 150, 1000...  make your choice), Russia would have been defeated." Obviously, the simple idea that if a grandmother had the balls she would have been a grandfather (not in the combined West, though) is not in the wide use by poor 404ers, but who cares. So, Russian MoD reports today:

Translation:  Over the past 24 hours, two US-made ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, an S-200 anti-aircraft missile converted to engage ground targets, as well as two HARM anti-radar missiles and two US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems were intercepted.

It is nearly impossible to explain to the average 404er or any "analyst" from Institute for "Study" of War (ISW) that ATACMS is a standard target for all Russia's mid and long-range air defense complexes. In fact, as was the case with HIMARS, Russians already noted that good ol' Tochka U is a more difficult target. Russian AD still managed to shoot down a bulk of it, even with short range AD complexes such as Tor-M2. But, but...  

Sure. Let them "invest" into 404 and then see how many 3M14s will it take to level those "investments" back with the ground. In fact, I would suggest appointing Kamyshin to the post of Economics Minister of Germany, he'll show them Krauts how to run economy, wink, wink.

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