Sunday, October 29, 2023

How To Use Demagoguery...

Konstantin Kisin is a British satirist of Russian-Jewish descent. He made his career by commenting on a hottest issue button for Europe--namely its turning into the Caliphate. There is no doubt, what's left of Western civilization is incompatible with Islam on a fundamental level, it is especially incompatible with political Islam which is expansionist aggressive ideology. Russia also has issues with political Islam and fought two wars with it in Chechnya. Russia also started implementing increasingly restrictive measures against Middle Asian guest workers and tightening immigration practices. Currently Russia finally launched a serious clampdown on "ethnic crime"--a euphemism for Middle Asia "immigrants". 

But here is the problem. Just listen to Kisin's "elaboration"--a classic trick of verbal assault of name-dropping (Tomas Sowell), intellectual constructs and then using the vehicle of justified Europe's desperation and impotence against criminal immigration policies and Arab-Africanization of its culture. And, as you may have guessed it, it was all about Israel and whitewashing wholesale crimes it commits against Palestinians. 

It is ALWAYS about context. It is always about designating something as HAMAS propaganda, ignoring facts of HAMAS being a creation of Mossad, or that no normal person ignores the fact that HAMAS assault on October 7 was about taking hostages, which is terrorism. But this is not the first time taking Israeli hostages, which is terrorism, happens. It is just that this time HAMAS achieved a very serious military success by killing a large number of senior and general officers of IDF--that IS NOT a terrorism, it is a military operation.

So, Kisin, using an emotional mix without context (a defining sign of demagoguery), wants to ignore the whole history of Israel and the way she expanded her territory by means of decades' long ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Framing this "viral response" merely as an abstract of "lenses" ignores a simple fact, take my example, that I have ZERO, nothing in common culturally, ideologically, philosophically with West's progressives, in fact--I reject their world view almost entirely, but it in no way means that I can ignore a wholesale atrocity Israel commits now in Gaza. Kisin's "viral response" is nothing short of a classic neocon demagoguery. But then again, isn't it always the case with stand up comics without background in anything serious who go into political commentary by means of, justly, mocking current West's cultural ersatz, and then connecting to a very specific geopolitical agenda. And I have news for Kisin--Likud is de facto a Zionist Lebensraum party and we all know what that means. 

So, my suggestion to Kisin is to drop his pseudo-scholastic BS and go and identify himself as Likudnik and Zionist. The rest, hey, there have been many people before Kisin, and will be many after him, who would continue to monetize their ability to verbalize abstract concepts, while having zero substantive background in anything other than performance arts. Just to give some examples:

Or this:      
Ah, yes. This is "HAMAS propaganda", right? This proverbial collateral damage, I guess. 

Or this.

I guess it would be a waste of time explaining to Kisin military-intelligence realities of this all, after all--he is just the stand up comic.

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