Thursday, October 19, 2023

Of Course, She Does...

Did anyone believe that modern economy is based on marketologists, political "scientists", "economists", PR "specialists" and personal shopping assistants, among many similar "professionals" with office plankton pedigree? Some did, like the graduates of VShE in Moscow or editorial board of WSJ and Forbes. But, reality bites inevitably and Russia is reaping today the consequences of 1990s and 2000s when a bunch of shysters from economics and history convinced Russia that manufacturing is sooo not cool. 

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin emphasized the importance of advanced training programs at a meeting devoted to the development of education on the labor market on Tuesday. “Many companies now need competent employees. Therefore, it is necessary to create a flexible system of professional re-training so that citizens could obtain additional skills and have more job opportunities,” he pointed out. The need to develop domestic high-tech enterprises have prompted a large-scale reshuffle of specialists in demand, the Russian Labor Ministry added, saying that “the biggest demand for personnel has emerged in the industrial sector. Today there are up to 13 vacancies per one registered unemployed skilled worker.” The Labor Ministry expects that, by 2030, the need for employees will grow the most in areas like manufacturing, transportation and logistics, health and social care, research and science, and IT.

Well, I guess being a barista in Stars Coffee or shelf stocker in Globus while having a Bachelors degree in political "science" doesn't seem like a viable path for many anymore. Sure, try to explain to marketologist what NC Plot is, and how canned cycles work in G-code for CNC and you will find a wall of confusion. I, for once, don't need any "survey" by some Yakov and Partners reported by Russian equivalent of New York Post, to know that in real world this damn forgotten by Harvard "economists" proletariat is still alive and kicking and the world is nothing without it, as the US is beginning to find it out nowadays. 

Luckily for Russia, the issue is being addressed and the growth of prestige and monetary compensation for productive manufacturing jobs grows, spurred not only by SMO but by the fact of understanding in Russia that the only thing which matters in geopolitics is manufacturing and self-sufficiency, the rest follows. In related news... LOL. 

Israel’s conflict with Palestinian militant group Hamas could become even more violent and drag on for years to come if Israeli forces launch a ground operation in Gaza, former CIA chief David Petraeus warned in an interview with Politico on Thursday. Speaking on the outlet’s Power Play podcast, the US general, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, claimed that a ground invasion of Gaza by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) “could be Mogadishu on steroids very quickly.” 

No shit.

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