Monday, October 16, 2023

Gas Station...

 ... you know, the one which produces nothing but gas and oil. 

САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 13 октября. /ТАСС/. Порядка 100 тыс. дронов произведено в России в сентябре 2023 года, сообщил специальный представитель президента РФ по вопросам цифрового и технологического развития Дмитрий Песков. "У нас в стране за сентябрь этого года было произведено под 100 тыс. дронов. Мы движемся очень быстро. У многих производителей, которые сейчас делают тысячами большие интересные аппараты, задачи масштабирования будут потом расширены", - сказал он во время международного форума "Передовые цифровые и производственные технологии". Он отметил, что уже удалось достичь некоторых параметров, которые есть в стратегии развития беспилотной авиации до 2030 года.

Translation: SAINT PETERSBURG, October 13. /TASS/. About 100 thousand drones were produced in Russia in September 2023, said Dmitry Peskov, special representative of the Russian President for digital and technological development. “In our country, over 100 thousand drones were produced in September of this year. We are moving very quickly. Many manufacturers who are now making thousands of large, interesting devices will later expand their scaling tasks,” he said during the international forum “Advanced digital and production technologies." He noted that it has already been possible to achieve some of the parameters that are in the strategy for the development of unmanned aircraft until 2030.

And there is a lot to talk about Russian aviation in general. Here are some examples of Russian-made small aviation. Floating plane ASK-62. 

Or LA-8. 

And here is the list of Russian enterprises which are producing what is called in Russia "little aviation". For now, Russia lags behind America's volume (immense) of private aviation but the process has started and it will continue, because Russia's geography not just calls, but demands a vast private ownership of aircraft such as Delphin (Dolphin), as an example. 

For anyone who  is even remotely acquainted with Russia's immense aviation, both combat and civilian, history--this is not a surprise at all. For "exceptionalists" it always comes down as "bragging" or "Russian rah-rah", while in reality it is merely stating cold hard facts. Like that Russians pioneered space exploration or that the US has nothing comparable to Su-34 with its combat capability. Not even close. But then again, try to explain this to Kyle Mizokami and fanboys from YT--it is all grief and KGB propaganda for them. Poor boys. So, the logical question is--the country which produces MC-21, Su-57 and Su-34, among very many other flying things, what will it take for it to develop private aviation? Correct--only time.

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