Friday, October 20, 2023

Russia Is Crushed...

 ... by EU new sanctions. But, of course, apart from banning Russian diamonds, the perfidy of Lithuania knows no bounds. They are already crafting the unconditional surrender declaration in Kremlin and Mishustin is currently in Putin's cabinet, while Shoigu and Medvedev are noticed at the military airfield near Moscow boarding the government Tu-204 trying to escape to North Korea. Lithuania finally did it!

Fuck. I cannot get hold of my mother because all phone lines are busy because the moment Lithuania announced that it bans drawing pins and knitting needles people took to the streets of all major Russian cities. Putin's address to nation is expected shortly where he will also announce the crushing details of a collapse of strategic Russian industries, especially tacks. This one hurts especially badly. EU, you finally did it. Here is one to celebrate Lithuania's contribution:

Ah, needles and pins... I cannot believe still--drawing pins!! How could you, Lithuania.

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