Friday, October 20, 2023


We found one man of integrity, courage and principles in Washington. 

A senior official in the US Department of State responsible for weapons transfers has resigned in protest, stating that Washington’s rush to arm Israel was “shortsighted, destructive, unjust, and contradictory to the very values that we publicly espouse.” Josh Paul had served as the director of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM) for more than 11 years. On Wednesday, he published his resignation letter on his LinkedIn profile. HuffPo was the first major news outlet to report it on the same day. Paul said he took the job knowing that it entailed “moral complexity and moral compromises” and strived to make sure that “the harm I might do could be outweighed by the good I could do.”

“I believe that in our current course with regards to the continued – indeed, expanded and expedited – provision of lethal arms to Israel – I have reached the end of that bargain,” he explained his decision. Washington was repeating the same mistakes that it made for decades, he wrote. The policy is “an impulsive reaction built on confirmation bias, political convenience, intellectual bankruptcy, and bureaucratic inertia.”

This is what it takes. Especially when identifying the core problem highlighted in yellow. It is not easy, believe me, and it takes cojones, big ones. You may also recall what it took for such people like Larry Johnson, Ray McGovern or Scott Ritter to defend their positions on critical national security issues--that too took a courage. So, here we are today and somebody finally said "enough". I'll be making a video later today.

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