Sunday, October 15, 2023

On A Lighter Note...

The bomb squad, probably, wished they had to deal with real explosives, but then again... diarrhea can also be explosive, if you know what I mean, wink, wink. It was a shitty job... OK, I'll stop))). 

A Copa Airlines flight to Florida was ordered to return to Panama City when a suspected bomb was reported in the airplane bathroom - only for the suspicious object to be revealed as an adult diaper, Panama’s National Police revealed on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. About an hour after taking off from Tocumen International Airport headed for Tampa at 9:36 local time, the flight was ordered back to Panama. After landing, it was moved to an isolated area of the tarmac and emptied of its 144 passengers. Explosives teams searched the plane for the “suspicious object,” only to find an adult diaper wrapped in a black plastic bag was responsible for the trouble. “We had it on a secure runway where police special explosives canine units and special forces examined the object, and found it to be an adult diaper, ruling out any risk,” Jose Castro, head of the airport security team with Panama’s Civil Aeronautics Authority, wrote in a post on X.

Better safe than late... to the toilet. Ah, those journos are so full of shit... OK, OK... go at it, LOL.

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