Wednesday, October 4, 2023

I Respect Ramzan Akhmatovich...

... profoundly and I can totally see where he is coming from defending Margarita Simonyan, but... What The FUCK! 

Симоньян 3 октября заявила, что ядерный взрыв в 100 км над Сибирью не принесёт вреда населению, но электромагнитный импульс выведет из строя все спутники над Землёй. Пресс-секретарь России Дмитрий Песков подчеркнул, что она не является госслужащим, а потому её мнение не всегда отражает позицию Москвы. Он напомнил, что Россия не выходила из режима отказа от ядерных испытаний. Симоньян также 9 сентября призвала предъявить Западу ультиматум из-за снарядов с обеднённым ураном, поставляемых на Украину. Она заявила, что в противном случае Запад не прекратит наращивать поставки Киеву всё более опасного вооружения.

Translation: Simonyan said on October 3 that a nuclear explosion 100 km above Siberia would not harm the population, but the electromagnetic pulse would disable all satellites above the Earth. Russian press secretary Dmitry Peskov emphasized that she is not a civil servant, and therefore her opinion does not always reflect the position of Moscow. He recalled that Russia did not abandon nuclear testing. Simonyan also on September 9 called for an ultimatum to be presented to the West over depleted uranium shells being supplied to Ukraine. She said that otherwise the West will not stop increasing supplies of increasingly dangerous weapons to Kyiv.

Simonyan, having zero professional education in anything except for BS they "teach" in the US journo schools, has ZERO business commenting on any military-technological affairs. She literally is semi-literate in any affair other than manipulation of media facts. Only a complete shithead could have proposed this, not to mention having NO tool kit whatsoever to pass assessments on any matter related to the use of nuclear weapons. Simonyan's ONLY skill is that of rubbing shoulders with Moscow's elite and this is the extent of it. 

No surprise then, that RT invites "military experts" fresh from the high school or consistently provides the tribune to all kinds of remnants of Moscow's closet pro-Western beau monde. I understand that Ramzan being a gentleman tries to support his friend, but Simonyan has been out of her depth for years now and suggesting this BS to other BSers she hangs out with she discredits not only herself (that is a done deal) but Russia. In related news, she should learn a simple fact that Russia has all necessary means WITHOUT the use of EMP of nukes, to dramatically degrade US (NATO) ISR satellites constellation. Recall how Vladimir Putin humiliated Megyn Kelly? I think RT is long overdue for change of the guard.

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