Sunday, October 15, 2023

Something Of Note.

And it is totally understandable from any--human, aviation enthusiast or engineering--point of view feeling sad seeing AN-225 Mriya destroyed. Here is fresh video: 

Few explanations are in order here:

1. Modern 404 has nothing to do with Antonov-225 Mriya and she never built it, because An-225 is a SOVIET aircraft, designed and built by the whole Soviet aerospace industry for the purpose of transporting Soviet shuttle Buran.

2. Antonov design bureau is, actually, originally a Novosibirsk design bureau which was simply transferred to UkrSSR (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), to Kiev, to boost Ukie technological mojo under the overall Soviet industrial development plans.

3. Modern 404 CAN NOT build or even maintain the aircraft of this scale, let alone restore it. Even considering the fact that it can theoretically remotorise it due to Ivchenko-Progress engines being manufactured in 404 and they may still have a few remaining D-18T lying around in storage. 

So, no reason whatsoever to get giddy about An-225 because modern 404 can only do one thing--destroy. That entity also has virtually no expertise left to do any restoration work and the best one can hope for is for Russia, after finishing off Kiev regime and 404, stepping in and rebuilding this legendary aircraft for posterity. Probably placing it in some sort of a museum, the same as Russia did with K-3 Leninsky Komsomol nuclear powered submarine, which under command of my naval academy alumni Captain Second Rank Lev Zhiltsov (Hero of the Soviet Union) reached North Pole and surfaced there, and which is now on display in a stunning exposition in Kronstadt. 

I need to get there when back to St.Pete. 

So, unless Russians restore An-225, nobody will, least of all this Nazi hotbed 404, which doesn't exist as a functional state anymore being the article of the America's budget. Hey, Joe says it is OK. 

Biden says US can support both Israel and Ukraine: "We have the capacity to do this and we have an obligation". 

LOL, sure, Joe. 

“We're the United States of America for God's sake, the most powerful nation in the history — not in the world, in the history of the world. The history of the world. We can take care of both of these and still maintain our overall international defense,” Biden said, when asked if the US could take on both wars at the same time. “And if we don't, who does?” the president noted.

Absolutely, in related news, I am John Wayne. Good luck with wet mriya (mriya in Ukrainian is... dream).

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