Thursday, October 5, 2023

Well, What Can I Say...

Let me remind you something from a few day ago. A bunch of cretins from the toilet paper NYT tried to forestall what was coming with the only thing US corporate media can do--excreting and smearing with BS anything that parades the US as, what I am on record for years, the country which lost the arms race. That implies also a technological race in many crucial sectors such as materials, propulsion, rocketry, advanced guidance systems etc. Here is the piece from 3 days ago: 

Russia previously conducted 13 known tests between 2017 and 2019, all of which were unsuccessful, according to a report from the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit group focused on arms control. And mishaps can be deadly. A missile launched in 2019 crashed and eventually exploded during a recovery attempt, killing seven people, according to U.S. officials. “It is exotic — it is dangerous in its testing and development phase,” said Daryl G. Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association. Whether the Burevestnik has been tested again since 2019 isn’t clear, but even with a successful launch, the missile would still be years away from “operational deployment,” Kimball added. In previous tests, the missile failed to fly a distance anywhere close to the designed range, estimated to be around 14,000 miles. U.S. officials assessed that during its most successful test flight, lasting just more than two minutes, the missile flew 22 miles before crashing into the sea. In another test, the missile’s nuclear reactor failed to activate, causing it to go down only a few miles from the launch site. For a test to succeed, the missile’s nuclear reactor would need to initiate in flight, so that the missile can cover much more ground.

Reality, of course, was that sore losers were getting ready to face yet another slap in the face with something which is beyond American weapon technologies expertise and capability. How do you go about it? Yes, again, you smear BS over anything you don't like. If it takes making shit up outright, so be it. Hey, lying is a "freedom of speech", sort of, right? 

But here is Vladimir Putin today:

МОСКВА, 5 окт — РИА Новости. Россия успешно испытала межконтинентальную крылатую ракету "Буревестник" с ядерной установкой, заявил Владимир Путин на пленарном заседании Международного дискуссионного клуба "Валдай". Проведено последнее успешное испытание "Буревестника" — крылатой ракеты глобальной дальности с ядерной установкой, двигательной ядерной установкой", — отметил президент.
Translation: MOSCOW, October 5 – RIA Novosti. Russia has successfully tested the nuclear-powered intercontinental cruise missile Burevestnik, Vladimir Putin said at a plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. The final successful test of the Burevestnik, a global-range cruise missile with a nuclear installation and a nuclear propulsion system, was carried out,” the president noted.
Immediately the number of the questions arises. For starters, why it is "final" test when every single "expert" from US "think tanks" spoke about 13 "unsuccessful" tests between 2017 and 2019? What happened to this significant period of time of 4 years between 2019 and 2023? Just saying, but even here they continue to lie stating that its range is around 14,000 miles. No, Petrel/Burevestnik has an "unlimited" in general sense range and can stay in the air for many days. 
У российской крылатой ракеты «Буревестник» с ядерным двигателем неограниченная дальность полета. Об этом «Ленте.ру» рассказал военный эксперт, заведующий кафедрой политического анализа и социально-психологических процессов РЭУ имени Плеханова, полковник в отставке Андрей Кошкин. Он перечислил особенности этого оружия. 
Translation: The Russian nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile has an unlimited flight range. A military expert, head of the department of political analysis and socio-psychological processes of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, retired colonel Andrei Koshkin, told about this. He listed the features of this weapon. 
A very respectable REAL military expert Alexey Leonkov, describing the use of this missile explained that it is primarily (not only) a vengeance weapon whose main task is to wipe out remaining military installations of NATO in case of global conflict, and, as you may have guessed it, make sure that criminals and their families who unleashed WW III will not be able to hide. Meanwhile, for mathematically challenged (with 14,000 miles number taken, obviously, out of the asses of US "experts")--Burevestnik is known to be able to stay in the air for several days. Even if to take a low end 2 days (48 hours) flight time, with subsonic speed of this missile of around 800-900 kilometers per hour, we get 48 x 800 = 38, 400 kilometers or 23, 840 miles, at least. Where did the number of 14,000 miles come from--nobody knows, least of all "military experts" and corporate journos. 
But then again, reducing, sometimes grotesquely, technical data of Russian weapon systems is the MO of "military experts" and media in the West. Many still continue to publish, as an example, the range of P-800 Oniks as 300 kilometers, forgetting to mention that this is the range for the export version due to cruise missile range limitations gentlemen agreement in Missile Technology Control Regime. Russian domestic version of P-800 (and Bastion) flies to around 700 kilometers, most likely even further. Same goes for 3M22 Zircon whose combat range has been confirmed at 1,500 kilometers. And the beat goes on, and on, and on. It is called butt-hurt, or sour grapes, or being a sore loser. Now, with Burevestnik confirming its capability, it goes naturally to see it fairly soon in IOC and then full deployment. So, uncheck boxes for New Zealand and Patagonia as places where neocons and their cabal can hide. I propose Antarctica--that's a good place to move them to. At the very least, it could be Yakutia (there are still some GULAG facilities left--with TLC, they could be fast restored to working conditions), at least Russians will feed them there, unlike it will be in Antarctica.

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