Tuesday, October 24, 2023

For MAGA Crowd.

Keep in mind, America's greatness is not from what many view it to be today. But then...

Donald Trump has claimed that Russia made a technological breakthrough after stealing ‘super-duper’ missile plans from the US during the presidency of Barack Obama. Moscow has dismissed the allegation. The former US president made the suggestion during an election rally in New Hampshire on Monday, when he pledged to beef up American strategic defensive and offensive capabilities if he is returned to the White House next year. “Under my leadership, we will once again protect our own people with our own missile defense system capable of blasting China, Russia, Iranian missiles out of the sky. And we will in addition have offensive weapons that will be second to none,” he said. “You know, Russia stole the super, we call them the super-dupers, right? They go super fast. They stole that during the Obama administration,” Trump added. “They stole the plans and they built it.” Asked about the remarks on Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia was capable of developing advanced weapon systems on its own, and had several that no other nations could replicate. He added that he was not in a position to say whether they qualified as “‘super-duper,’ in Mr. Trump’s terms.”

Yes, Russians also stole Vostok capsule plans and launched Gagarin in it to become the first man in space from the US. Russians always steal American plans. Remember Stalingrad Battle and Operation Bagration plans? Russians stole those from America. Truth is, Russians defeating Napoleon? Stole those plans from America. Well, since Russians stole those plans of hypersonic missiles from America, we should reasonably expect American hypersonic weapons to be deployed right about now. Ah... wait.

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