Monday, October 30, 2023

Two Points...

First, thank you, Thermobaric, for linking this. Here is an American officer and patriot explaining to some psycho-bitch that she, as are 99% of American political and "intellectual" elite, have no fucking business in commenting on anything warfare related. Some American generals better stay away from this too.  

Secondly, Alastair Crooke delivers probably his best SitRep and confirms what Larry Johnson warned about--West's (especially US) Suez Moment. 
Now, Larch sent me some link to French TV and how they are lamenting France becoming irrelevant and facing a civil war--a natural outcome for cowards who get elected in France. A bunch of the pompous imbeciles from French media and government, including loser Hollande trying to figure out what happened to France. Hey, morons--you killed it. Let them eat cake. I, personally, have no sympathy for them at all. Let them get ready for this:

They fully deserved it. Vote Macron... But then again, France gave us an incredible amount of pedophile and cuck filth in the XX century packaged into the Christian Dior wrapper and smelling like Chanel №5. They call it a "style".

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