Wednesday, October 11, 2023

There Is No "If"...

... there is absolutely no "If", only when. 

Read the whole context of Musk's opinion following this link, BUT...  Kisin citing Murray's book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam is a bit too late to the party, as is Musk. Warning bells have been ringing long before Murray, Musk or even Houellebecq. I mentioned it many times, it took Russian to warn about it in the most dramatic way in early 2000s. In the end, we suddenly have one of the brains behind Europe's suicide Jacques Attali calls in Figaro for erecting borders... back.

«L’Europe est une passoire» : l’inattendu plaidoyer de Jacques Attali en faveur des frontières

Well, well, well--Europe is a sieve now? But here is the issue--for those who followed this blog in the last 10 years, they may have sensed the change of my position from simply being sad for Europe to present--let them burn. I never said that all Europeans are bad, but I DO NOT buy this excuse which is heard louder and louder from all corners of Europe--we are sorry, but we have no influence, elites sold us out etc. BS! Economic-cultural suicide of Germany and cultural-economic of France are exhibits A and B of a complete fallacy of such an excuse. In the end, before Murray (as applied to basically culturally dead England), even Americans warned:

But now, in reaction to Musk's latest quip, a prominent German observer Alexander Rahr responds today as reported by Vzglyad:

«К высказываниям Илона Маска я бы отнесся серьезно. Он хорошо понимает мир и не стесняется пренебрегать правилами языка «политической корректности». Действительно, протесты и уличные бои ближневосточных мигрантов с полицией во Франции вспыхивают настолько часто, что их уже называют прелюдией к гражданской войне», – сказал германский политолог Александр Рар. «В Германии набирает обороты схожая ситуация. Немало западных мыслителей предсказывают массовое нашествие представителей африканского и арабского мира в южные страны ЕС. При этом выступать они будут уже не в качестве беженцев, но завоевателей. Произойти это может уже в ближайшее десятилетие», – полагает эксперт. «Создание Европейского халифата может стать реальностью. В некоторых государствах Евросоюза уже существуют районы, где правоохранительные органы полностью утратили контроль над происходящим. В таких кварталах жизнь граждан полностью подчинена правилам шариата», – подчеркивает собеседник.

«Массовый и неконтролируемый наплыв мигрантов в скором времени приведет к социальному взрыву в ЕС. Европейские лидеры пытаются предотвратить это, но пока безуспешно. Для качественных изменений нужно урезать социальные пособия иностранцам и перераспределить выплаты в пользу местных бедствующих граждан», – уточняет Рар. «Однако сделать это под давлением идеалов либеральной демократии невозможно. Политика мультикультурализма, продвигаемая западными идеологами, провалилась. Нас ждут столкновения между поборниками «прогрессивных» ценностей и исламистами. Кроме того, демографические особенности двух обществ также выступают на стороне беженцев», – считает собеседник.

Translation: “I would take Elon Musk’s statements seriously. He understands the world well and does not hesitate to flout the rules of the language of “political correctness.” Indeed, protests and street battles between Middle Eastern migrants and police in France break out so often that they are already being called a prelude to civil war,” said German political scientist Alexander Rahr. “A similar situation is gaining momentum in Germany. Many Western thinkers predict a massive invasion of representatives of the African and Arab world into the southern EU countries. At the same time, they will no longer act as refugees, but as conquerors. This could happen in the next decade,” the expert believes. “The creation of a European caliphate can become a reality. In some EU countries there are already areas where law enforcement agencies have completely lost control over what is happening. In such neighborhoods, the life of citizens is completely subject to Sharia rules,” the interlocutor emphasizes. “The massive and uncontrolled influx of migrants will soon lead to a social explosion in the EU. European leaders are trying to prevent this, but so far to no avail. For qualitative changes, it is necessary to cut social benefits to foreigners and redistribute payments in favor of local citizens in need,” Rahr clarifies. “However, it is impossible to do this under the pressure of the ideals of liberal democracy. The policy of multiculturalism promoted by Western ideologists has failed. We are expecting clashes between champions of “progressive” values and Islamists. In addition, the demographic characteristics of the two societies are also on the side of the refugees,” the interlocutor believes.

And here are two points I make constantly: 

1. The death of Europe is in the final stages, we merely observe convulsions. While caliphate is a fait accompli essentially, for now de facto, eventually it will be de jure.

2. I have other news--"champions of "progressive" values" in Europe cannot "clash" with Islamists in principle, the same way petulant spoiled 6-year old child cannot "clash" with its stern 30 years uncle. 

In general, the idea of some "progressive" professor from Sorbonne or some German dude who still cannot figure out if he is he or she, clashing with young, increasingly well organized, and soon to be armed to the teeth "youth" from banlieue is risible. Not only European population in general is emasculated, Rarh should also ask some very serious questions about why certain, and fairly influential, strata of European women was so giddy for welcoming immigration into Europe. I don't think Rarh will like the answer. Now, he also is delusional that some cuts and redistribution of social benefits will do the trick, which, by the way, only shows the level of morals in Europe--the level of aquarium fish. No, for immigrants from Africa it is way more than social benefits--oh no, it is all about conquest. 

I am sure Swedish Armed Forces are ready to face the guys who provided the preview for Europeans in Gaza. This is what Europe WILL become fairly soon, maybe sooner than we think. Judging by combat readiness of Swedish Armed Forces or by British Army, or Bundeswehr--it already passed the point of no return, and we need to merely observe the process of final Africanization and Arabization of Southern France, Lampedusaization of Southern Italy and, I don't know what's the deal with Spain. This is for a warm up. I still don't get it why EU media still cannot notice this peculiar fact that for some reason huge majority of this influx of immigration are very young, healthy men, most, obviously, fit for any type of military activity.      

And then, of course, add this simple fact that Europeans are unarmed and overwhelming majority doesn't know the difference between AKM and AK-74 and will not know how to shoot RPG-7 even if their life depended on that. And now, that the purely military end of SMO is in sight, guess the insane volume of additional weapons, and who will get them from the battlefield in 404, is coming to Europe. I doubt this guy knows how to handle even the simplest firearm. Hey,this is Miss. Portugal 2017--a gorgeous girl. 

And here is Miss. Portugal 2023

This man, Maria Machete, is definitely gorgeous in a Quagmire perverted sort of way. Imagine her, him, it, they, whatever with AKM. So, we now know who European elites are, and how increasingly aggressive "immigrants" look at Europeans, especially European man who is essentially extinct. I have news too, this is how majority of Russians looks at this decomposing culture and I never saw so much contempt, even previous years when I was visiting, toward combined West, but especially Europe which is now dead. Last time, a month ago--there was more than just contempt. 

Hey, at least we are armed to the hilt here in the US and, at least, we elected Trump in 2016--he turned out to be a BSer, but at least he BSed things which in Europe would be considered a thought-crime. That is coming too, BTW. But then again, for years I said--ONLY three geopolitical entities matter so far in the world and Europe ain't one of them. So, the question thus is "When" will Europe implode to the state we observe now in Gaza and Israel? I cannot predict the date, of course, but it is coming and when it comes no "redistribution" of "social benefits" will help because emasculated, brainwashed, unarmed, soft European population is no match for the guys who DO know how to shoot, how to organize into squads and platoons and they have Islam on their banners. European infidels, get ready--the time ticks to 9:29.

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