Monday, October 30, 2023

I Wanted To Comment On Larry's Post...

... which is excellent, but then I watched two of the videos he linked there. First, it was Nikki Haley, who invokes in normal people nothing but nausea. But then! I saw one hell of a gorgeous woman. 

Good God, the symmetry of the face of Palki Sharma is for the fans of Lobachevsky's geometry to study and, unlike Nikki, who is from the same ethnic origin, Palki not only is stunningly beautiful, but is marked with intellect. Hey, Bollywood or, maybe, the Hollywood, do you know what class is? 

Throughout ages Indian subcontinent produced some of the most beautiful women, enough to recall Aishwarya Rai. 

I know, this is bordering on ridiculous, but Palki, sure as hell, is up there. So, what was I talking about? Wink, wink. Enjoy end of the world news delivered by gorgeous women. 

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