Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Actually It Was 25...

 ... helicopters, 50 SU-35 and the remnants of reputation of Fighterbomber jerk who spreads TSIPSO propaganda. Here is the "journalism" (a euphemism for BS) from Politico. 

Now report from real people on the ground:

1. No ATACMS have been used, the attack was by HIMARS;

2. All munitions have been intercepted by AD;

3. The fragments of one intercepted HIMARS munition fell on the airfield in Berdyansk where the Korenovsky Air Regiment is based currently;

4. "Losses" amounted to some damage to two Ural fueling trucks. NO damage or losses to personnel and air assets. 

Next in line: Zelensky farts, Politico reports regime change in Moscow. Per all those "voenkors"--you know my opinion, most of them are human trash monetizing their BS. Simple as that. 

In related news:

LOL, yeah, sure. How about Israeli tankers learn how to fight real war and recall 2006. I am sure, shooting at defenseless civilians is what makes IDF great. 

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