Monday, October 9, 2023


Larry nails it. It is the nail which was hit on its head, driven deeply and cannot be removed. 

Let me make something clear up front. The Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians on Saturday, especially the massacre of the kids dancing in the desert, is a war crime and should be punished in the same way that those responsible for executing Ukrainian Jews at Babi Yar were punished. Those responsible include the shooters, the military planners and the commanders responsible for that operation. Ditto for those who have abused captives. A captured civilian must be treated as a non-combatant and not harmed. While I understand the grief and outrage of Israelis and their supporters around the world, anyone calling for the mass slaughter of the people who live in Gaza also are supporting a potential war crime. Here is the appropriate military response– You punish those who planned, organized, funded or carried out attacks against civilian targets. You do not wantonly kill civilians. The Hamas attack on Israeli military positions, by contrast, is not a war crime. Just good old fashioned, ugly war.

This is the Red Line which none of us must cross. Once this is understood, then discussions on inhuman treatment of Palestinians by Israel may start. But indiscriminate murdering of Israeli families of civilians, be them men, women or children is unacceptable. Period. Executing Israeli civilians taken hostage--yes, they are not POWs--would be condemned by the whole world and rightly so! So, Hamas better think twice before committing this atrocity. Now observe IDF committing wholesale war crimes against Palestinians. The cycle of violence continues, but after admission of Egyptian Intel about warning to Israel 10 days before Hamas attack, the whole ordeal takes a very different turn. If true, it immediately points out to a possibility of "focus shifting" attempt away from a catastrophe of VSU and Kiev regime and with it of the Biden Administration's strategic defeat which makes Afghanistan a stroll in the park by comparison.

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