Thursday, October 12, 2023

About Avdeevka.

This is how VSU's main supply artery to Avdeevka looks like today. Excellent commentary was posted--nobody cares about rails--they could be restored in 48 hours (remember--linear targets), this the infrastructure which matters. 

Опубликованы кадры уничтоженной ВС России железнодорожной станции Очеретино, которую ВСУ использовали как узел снабжения гарнизона в Авдеевке в ДНР.В Очеретино во время авианалета уничтожен железнодорожный узел и сразу несколько автоколонн с украинскими боевиками и вооружением, которые ВСУ спешно пытались перебросить к передовой.

Translation: Footage of the Ocheretino railway station destroyed by the Russian Armed Forces, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces used as a supply center for the garrison in Avdeevka in the DPR, has been published. In Ocheretino, during an air raid, a railway junction and several convoys of Ukrainian fighters and weapons, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine hastily tried to transfer to the front line, were destroyed.

As I stated so many times, neither West Point nor US Army War College graduates have any idea what they are dealing with. I will repeat it again, keep the focus on the real prize. Again, it was always about "dick measuring" contest in combined arms, no matter how one measures it, but neither Overlord, Ardennes or Market Garden, for all heroism and dedication of Allied soldiers, are in the same league with Moscow, Stalingrad,  Kursk, Bagration or Balkans, to name just a few. I said it again and I will repeat it again--different weight categories, different way of thinking, planning and accepting the reality.

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