Monday, October 2, 2023

Now We Are Hearing This More.

Larry already marked the start of the discussion which needs to be held. Fact is, already in 2017 he made statements which I quoted in my first book. Now, since the last year I cautiously, but increasingly loudly, started to state what now rises to the surface. The US Army, its operational-strategic level, is simply not competent in real war. We may beat around the bush whatever we want, but not taking anything from heroism and dedication of Western Allied personnel, they have been fighting the pale shadow of Wehrmacht in WW II. I do not want to even discuss here all those "operations" in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

So, now Colonel and Judge finally bring up what I am writing about for a long time--US Armed Forces command corps is subpar, to put it mildly. 

US Military Academy at West Point academically is not even at the same level as any combined arms officer school of Russia, not to speak of Combined Arms Frunze Academy. Forget about Academy of the General Staff. Not to mention the fact that what is taught in the US military academies about XX Century ground warfare is primarily a confabulation. But that doesn't stop here. Russia also has her share of general officer creeps such as media prostitute and now becoming a meme General Gurulev. But that's the point--it is all about statistics--Gurulev's instances are much rarer in Russia than Ben Hodges and Petraeuses in the US. Going back to Mattis--the guy wouldn't be allowed to command a fucking regiment in the Russian Army, he wouldn't know how. 

If that hasn't been humiliating enough, look at the Royal Military "Academy" Sandhurst. Look at their courses and programs. 44 weeks, really? You cannot prepare a pole dancer and a competent porn actress in this time, let alone competent officer for ground forces and combined arms operations. No wonder then, that what British cadre military talk about sounds like a cross between Benny Hill Show and Monty Python trying to explain what Operational Research and Strategic Planning are. I reiterate--Russians are shocked by the sheer incompetence of NATO militaries, their top brass and political leadership. Maybe it is the Bus to Abilene as Doug says, but it is much more than that--"the finest fighting force in history" didn't win a single war since 1945. But I stand by my main criterion of any Army's competence--the force which venerates Patton is not ready to fight a real war, it never will be. It is as simple as that and, then, there is this STEM background one needs to fight real war on higher tactical and operational levels. 

They may start to address the malaise with a proper study of the history of WW II, but even this is too much to ask. I spoke about this for so long--Russian General Staff is older than the United States as a nation. Russians fought and defeated enemies which the US military never faced in its history. Yes, Russia's military history dwarfs that of the United States and even David Eisenhower writes about Western Allies shock and "the reaction which would interest a psychiatrist" on Operation Bagration. He elaborated:

And we can sit here and list all these occasions non-stop, but the point is--the cancer is incurable and SMO, like this proverbial litmus test, has exposed the depth of a problem. It is metaphysical and it stems from the fact, as many pointed out many times, that the American greatest contribution to the world was when America was behind the plow, not trying to fight wars she has no experience of fighting. But for parasitic political and pseudo-intellectual class it was important to realize the United States as continental warfare nation. It is NOT, and it is impossible... and this is what is in the foundation  of the rampant Russophobia of Washington. I repeat.

It is as simple as that. But then again--it goes back to culture which is in the foundation of dignity, an unknown quality for US top brass.

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