Monday, October 23, 2023

The Road To Verbovoe (Verbove)...

 ... just a reminder to NATO planners what REAL war is. 

Just a teeny-weeny fraction of VSU losses in the area of about 5 by 5 kilometers. 

Now, project that on a single operational axis of Zaporozhie, then project that roughly on the whole length of the front and you will get some ideas. The Piece in WaPo about CIA and 404 and murders of civilians is directly related to it. WaPo is CIA's outlet and somebody in Langley finally got the message that things might come to the results CIA really doesn't want to face. Especially when it comes to War Crimes Tribunal against 404 and NATO, and it is coming and many names which do not sound Slavic at all will be named and charged. Playing such games with Iraq--it is one thing, playing this with FSB, G(R)U and SVR is totally another. As Pentagon generals learned the hard way. They should have studied real war. M1 Abrams should expect a very warm reception...

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