Thursday, November 9, 2023

What Do You Know...

I speak about this constantly--American success in the XX century was in productive capacity which gave us many a splendored things--from style, to a vision of a future, to industry, to Old Hollywood, to American technological and entrepreneurial genius, to a vibrant modern culture... until the United States decided that it has a say in the continental warfare. This is when things started to go haywire. Russians decided to do what any father would do:

And now Mr. Peskov does "correcting"--a thing I was warning about for 10+ years. 

It is difficult to explain to people who bought Wehrmacht's fairy tales about fighting Russians and killing like... one trillion of them and still losing the war, that the real war has noting to do with their academics. But that what is taught in the US military academies whose tactical and operational curricula was written by Nazi generals, including Colonel Macgregor's favorite shtick about Stalin executing "one million" Red Army soldiers. But, one cannot deny the fact that Manstein, Model, Guderian, Hoth and many others have been much better than any American general and all of them have been defeated by Russians. You know, those peasants from the Red Army. So, Russians, as of today--November 9, 2023, "corrected" all that. I am on record, quoting Sasha Rogers, US cannot do strategy, it does business plans only.

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