Friday, November 10, 2023

A Logical Conclusion...

 ... of the process of which many, yours truly included, warned for years--that once the energy and economic umbilical cord between Germany and Russia is severed, that means game over for Germany.  Here is Deutsche Welle. 

Война России с Украиной меняет структуру внешней торговли Германии с Восточной Европой. Об этом говорится в сообщении Восточного комитета немецкой экономики (Ost-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft, OA), опубликованном в четверг, 9 ноября. Россия продолжает терять позиции торгового партнера ФРГ, в то время как другие рынки ее перегоняют. В сентябре 2023 года товарооборот Германии с Украиной (840 млн евро) впервые оказался больше, чем ее товароборот с Россией (810 млн евро).

Translation: The Russian War in Ukraine means a change in trade structure across the borders of Germany and the Eastern Europe. This is the goal of the Eastern Committee of the German Economics (Eastern Committee of the German Economy, OA), report published on Thursday, 9 November. Russia continues to lose positions of the foreign partner to the Federal Republic of Germany, while other markets are taking over. In February 2023, Germany and Ukraine trade (840 million euros) was awarded the first prize--a larger one than the trade with Russia (810 mln euro). 

Well, I guess 404 is that important for Germany, so be it. I warned a few years back, with Russia simply severing relations with Siemens after the gas turbine scandal, that this was just the start of the process of stripping Germany of her economic potential. And if the Siemens snafu was not that critical for German giant, with Russia constituting only about 2-3% of Siemens' operations, what followed after that was. Germany lost Russia's car market for good and now it has no way of getting Russia's energy, which effectively was the foundation of Germany's industrial development and prosperity for the last 50 years. Most importantly--the good will for Germany in Russia is gone. Russians will not forgive this: 

That matters even more than energy in the long run.

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