Tuesday, November 28, 2023

It Is Official.

Iran got it. 

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Arrangements have been finalized for the delivery of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers to Iran, a deputy defense minister said. Speaking to Tasnim, Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mahdi Farahi said plans have been finalized for Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets, Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, and Yak-130 jet trainers to join the combat units of the Iranian Armed Forces. He said those three advanced military aircraft will be definitely at Iran’s disposal and the processes are currently under way.

Israel is having a very bad day. It is one thing to fly against ancient Iranian F-14 Tomcats, totally another against SU-35s; and we may only guess what modification, especially in terms of radar and weapons, Iran will get. Could be, as was the case with China, a full blown domestic version. Per Yak-130s, some of them are already in Iran. 

In 404 news:

Sure, sure. In related news--I am George Washington's great, great, great grand son. But O'Brien continued:

O'Brien said the Biden administration was confident continued military aid for Ukraine had bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress, which is considering a request for more funding for Ukraine's defense alongside military aid to Israel and Taiwan. Asked about a report by Germany's Bild newspaper that the United States and Germany were quietly nudging Kyiv into negotiations with Moscow, O'Brien said Washington does not have such a policy. We've always said that this is a matter for Ukraine to decide," O'Brien said. At a press conference in Brussels on Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he expected alliance foreign ministers to "reaffirm NATO’s long-term support" for Ukraine.

As you can see, the US continues to simulate a military-political activity in 404, but, as I am on record for years--attrition is not the way the US can fight its wars. As one of the commenters to my last video posted yesterday:

Andrei is right about Svechin. If you have any interest in military theory, Svechin is definitely worth reading. I do take issue with Andrei saying there are no competent American strategists. We are there, but kept at the bottom levels of any organization (company or government agency) we work at because American organizations reward adherence to ideology, not competency. We are typically easy to spot from our resume because we will have two or more degrees from divergent fields that combine STEM and soft sciences, have excellent critical thinking, and practice the Yoga principle Satya (truthfulness). This means we are in constant trouble at any organization we work at and not promoted beyond the bottom levels because they do not want people who are ruthlessly, brutally, honest because it exposes just how utterly corrupt all organizations in America are today. The only reason we will even have a job at all is because they do occasionally need competent analysis.

Well, that might be true, but real top level military strategists in the US do not exist in the midst of the military-political top brass--the system itself is wound in such a way, that any departure from self-aggrandizing and mythologizing US military leads to a collapse of a system as a whole--the process we observe now. Suddenly, against the background of SMO and how it is being prosecuted by Russia, US military "accomplishments" began to look rather timid, to put it mildly. As per military hardware, this is not even funny. Just in air defense alone, the US is not even in the same league as Russia, and I would argue that in terms of netcentric operations in REAL combat conditions, the US is lagging behind. And you all know about combat aviation and missiles. Quoting General Cavoli--scale, scale, scale.

In conclusion, to cynics on these boards. Do not rush with your theories before the deed is done. This guy is in a heap of trouble. 

What an animal.

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