Sunday, November 12, 2023

Wow, What Sore Losers.

This is about Russian aviation and a bunch of pseudo-experts who are experiencing a huge butt-hurt. This is expected from such people like Murdo Morrison whose C.V. you can find at LinkedIn. As expected, LOL: 

So, the guy has no education but, guess what. As CNN reports, IL-96-400M is:

I think, CNN "experts" need to take classes in basic history of Russian aerospace, while CNN editorial staff throws themselves into the crater of active volcano, because they are neither "experts", nor journalists. But I feel their butt-hurt, and the sour grapes grew to a monstrous size. This also nicely coincides with this today's news:

Газогенератор самого большого российского турбовентиляторного двигателя ПД-35 завершил очередной этап наземных испытаний, сообщила Объединенная двигателестроительная корпорация (ОДК). Для этого использовался специально стенд в Центральном институте авиационных моторов (ЦИАМ) в Москве, где имитировалась работа полноразмерного мотора. Испытания показали хорошую сходимость полученных параметров газогенератора с проектными данными, отметили в корпорации.

Translation: The gas generator of the largest Russian turbofan engine, PD-35, has completed the next stage of ground testing, the United Engine Corporation (UEC) reported. For this purpose, a special stand was used at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow, where the operation of a full-size engine was simulated. Tests showed good convergence of the obtained parameters of the gas generator with the design data, the corporation noted. 

I guess butt-hurting will continue because PD-35 can be scaled between 26 and 44 tons of thrust and it is not just for IL-96-400M, it is also for fully Russified AN-124 Ruslan with all new systems, from APU and avionics, to four PD-35s versions which will provide Russia with strategic lift until new heavy transport aircraft is ready. But then again, with "degree" in politics and "experience" of editing Car and Accessory Trader Magazine in his native UK, no surprise Mr. Morrison has issues with understanding the picture--a defining feature of British "elites". Good God, the idiot should have at least read late and truly erudite British aviation writer (with actual RAF flying experience and aeronautical engineering degree) Bill Gunston. From the times when Britons did produce people of not just good talent, but real class as late Bill was. You can still see this class shining through the last representatives such as Alastair Crooke of what once was a respectable and proud professional community. Not anymore. Now only Murdo Morrisons.

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