Thursday, November 9, 2023

Poor, Poor Dears.

They still didn't learn a thing. 

The White House is planning to “kill” Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 energy project, according to US assistant secretary of state for energy resources, Geoffrey Pyatt. The project in the northern Gydan Peninsula is operated by independent Russian LNG producer Novatek. It will feature three LNG trains, with a total annual production capacity of 19.8 million tons. The first train was launched in July, while the remaining two are scheduled for 2024 and 2025. Speaking on Wednesday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on US national security interests in Ukraine, Pyatt stated: “Last week, for instance, we levelled new sanctions against the Arctic LNG 2, which is Novatek’s flagship project” “Our objective is to kill that project,” he stressed, claiming that the project had been set up with the aim of turning Russia into the world’s largest LNG exporter. According to Pyatt, Russia’s plans are being stifled by sanctions imposed through cooperation between the US and its allies in the G7 and beyond.

In related news, the US also wants to beat Russia on battlefield, crush Russia's economy and, in general, get 404 into NATO. Wonderful! In related news, Biden wants to write Ph.D thesis on Operations' Research and all members of the US Congress are currently applying in Israel's Embassy for enlisting with IDF to fight HAMAS.  

The most fascinating thing here, however, is how the guy with this CV, considering the fact of the third world US "education" of its diplomatic corps, can have an idea about energy and Russia's economy. Get a load of this:

As you can see yourself--zero background in anything which involves understanding of larger framework of energy and its impact as a main driver of human civilization. Plus, Pyatt's tenure as an ambassador in 404 can get him being featured in proceedings of the War Crimes Tribunal in Moscow and Donetsk.  You can compare Pyatt's C.V. with that of Alexander Novak (with Novak's industrial and industrial economics degrees), not to mention the background of present Russia's Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov and it will provide you with a good insight into why the US is imploding. The answer is very simple--the guy with "degree" in political "studies" or "international relations" even from Ivy League (especially from Ivy League) is on average an ignorant and badly educated hack. That is why, for example, American Diplomacy is an oxymoron, it is also a butt of jokes among serious diplomats around the world. 

So, now the idea that some dude who wouldn't know the difference between Billy Joel and Joule can run anything energy-related, especially on a global level, is preposterous. Even for "killing" something one has to have a professional knowledge of "killing" as a craft and Harvard or Yale "educated" economists and accountants wouldn't do, because they are not taught practical geopolitics, global power balance and real economy. This is precisely how the United States miscalculated with Russia on a level beginning to approach that of Hitler's planners, but at least Wehrmacht knew how to fight. So, good luck, trying to butt heads with Novatek and Russian real economy which grows like crazy. As British Lloyd's learned the hard way, Russia doesn't need Western financial institutions--the fact the wet dreamers in Washington still cannot reconcile themselves to. 

Does Pyatt want to challenge Russia's Northern Fleet? Poor, poor dear.

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