Monday, November 27, 2023

No Shit, Genius! Stoltenberg Has A Epiphany.

It is difficult to explain to them: 

The whole academic and political system in the West is BUILT to underestimate Russia by means of non-stop self-aggrandizing which creates nausea among normal cultured people be them in Russia or in the West. The whole "elite" education system in the West is one non-stop perpetuator of delusion of grandeur and informational GIGO. Militarily, combined West is a reflection of its best army, which also happened to be the loser against Russians. This is Wehrmacht and different other Third Reich military security services who shaped modern West militarily. 

Larry and Judge speak today on misjudgement:

This misjudgement is of historic proportions, as is shaping to be a military defeat of the West. And they do panic in every capital in the West. Now Russian Foreign Ministry through Embassy in London demands explanations on BoJo's (as de facto US envoy) sabotage of negotiations in Istanbul in 2022. This is just the start of proceedings. The volume will grow, dramatically.

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