Friday, November 17, 2023

Totally Expected.

But it doesn't matter--main events are always held behind the closed doors. 

As they note, however, Russian Knights have been more than well--represented. As multiple videos show, they have been one of the highlights. 

But then again, it is Reuters. Other outlets report a different picture. 

DUBAI AIRSHOW — Despite the continuation of large scale military operations in Ukraine, Russia pitched up at the Dubai Airshow this year with an imposing industry presence, complete with a standalone national pavilion and a variety of fixed-wing, uncrewed, rotary, space and air defense systems, and air-launched missiles. Many of the firms showing off their wares at Al Maktoum International Airport are under sanction from Washington and its allies. But the open participation of Russian firms has not apparently led the US to lodge a protest with the UAE or show organizers. Asked by Breaking Defense if it had any concerns around the UAE continuing to host the Russian Federation at international trade shows, a US State Department official speaking on background said, “We recognize and acknowledge that countries make their own sovereign decisions about diplomatic and defense engagements. We refer you to the Emirati defense ministry to speak to their defense procurement plans.”

But I have news for those who do not know--shows like these are... well, shows. Signing of the contracts and study of the military hardware is done not at such shows, it is done prior through years of study and research, especially in combat conditions. Guess from three times where the real first serious war in the last 70+ years happens now and how US and Russian hardware compare there. I guess you know the answer. With Sukhoi S-75 getting ready for serial production with AL-51F engine and cutting edge avionics, one has to assume that... Western "analytical" outlets on aviation are full o' shit, like this rag:

Rework Means Delay. The Sukhoi Design Bureau started detailed design of the Su-75 in early 2020, and the LTS-M demonstrator was completed by the Sukhoi KnAAZ plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in May 2021. The same plant is working on the next test aircraft, and future serial aircraft are planned to be produced there.United Aircraft Corp. CEO Yury Slyusar says two test aircraft are under construction and four will be produced in all. It is unknown if he counted the LTS-M mockup in his total.

Sour grapes and butt-hurt begin to dominate Western media.

Yes, we all heard this story before--sanctions, microchips, washing machines. What do ya know.

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