Monday, November 27, 2023

And Again, Isn't It Too Late?

So, the news on Defense Policy Board meeting at December 5-6 2023. 

Agenda: On December 5, 2023, and December 6, 2023, the DPB will receive classified briefings regarding U.S. Defense Policy toward Russia through 2050. The DPB will receive briefings from the following: Lt Col Jesse Humpal, Designated Federal Officer (DFO) for the Defense Policy Board, will discuss the FACA requirements for the DPB and establish the closed meeting rules; The Honorable (Hon.) Sasha Baker, Acting USDP, will welcome the DPB; The Hon. Mara Karlin, Performing the Duties of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (DUSDP), and The Hon. Celeste A. Wallander, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, will provide an update on how the Office of the USDP is approaching Russia; Mr. Nicholas R. Berliner, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia and Central Asia, National Security Council, will provide an update from the Intelligence Community on how they are approaching Russia; General Charles Q. Brown, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, will discuss how he is approaching Russia; General Christopher G. Cavoli, Commander U.S. European Command will provide an update on how the combatant command is approaching Russia; the DPB will provide its advice and recommendations to the Hon. Lloyd James Austin III, Secretary of Defense, and the Hon. Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of Defense; and the Hon. Mara Karlin, Performing the Duties of the DUSDP, and Mr. Elee Wakim, Military Experts Working Group, will provide their findings related to the War in Ukraine. The meeting will then conclude. 

Russian media also reported on this meeting, but here is immediately THE issue. Yes, we can assume that general Cavoli is a professional, but the rest. Kathleen Hicks is a classic diversity hire and a product of the US degree mills in "political science" and "national security studies"--a completely compromised fake courses based on America's military mythology and confabulated history. Same goes for Mara Karlin, same goes for Elee Wakim, not to speak of Lloyd Austin--an affirmative action general, in the words of Colonel Macgregor. 

These ARE NOT experts in strategy--US has NO experts in strategy serving in any US Administration since W. These are precisely the people behind a catastrophe in 404 and the only skill they have is in navigating deep recesses of DoD's bureaucracy. That's it. People who drove the United States into the concrete wall of Russia's military-economic might and who, like most America's top military and political brass, have zero background in Russia, cannot and will not be able to develop THE only strategy which is left for the US if it wants to preserve herself as a major power--to start talking to Russians without any preconditions. One of the reasons for that urgency being also the fact that the gap in military power between Russia and the US is widening with incredible speed. 

Here is Rand Paul talking to one of the State Department creatures two weeks ago:

This colorless bureaucrat cannot even advance the basic high school argument on Russia. He has no clue what's the difference between Russian economy, especially tightly controlled military-industrial complex, and that of the US. This IS the level, these ARE the people in Biden Admin who unleashed hell and completely lost control of it and now Russia decides what and how to do with the remnants of Pax Americana scaffolding. Send in Abrams tanks--Russians love Christmas and New year celebrations, and burning Abrams tanks has its solid monetary benefits. Ah, wait, they want Abrams back, they will send more Leopard IIs.

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