Wednesday, November 8, 2023

OK, Seriously, This Is Funny)))

And I don't mean robot mistaking a poor South Korean worker for the box of bell peppers and killing him in the process--that is a tragedy, albeit with a funny twist of Skynet going bananas or, rather, peppers. But this shit:

SEOUL, Nov 8 (Reuters) - South Korea is ramping up pest control measures and inspections to prevent a spread of bedbugs after reports of suspected infestations at some saunas and residential facilities, officials said on Wednesday. The small, flat oval insects have caused a panic in France, where reports of outbreaks on trains and in cinemas have raised worries about the impact on tourism and the Paris Olympics, which start in less than a year. Britain too has seen a jump in enquiries about the pests. In South Korea, about 30 cases of suspected infestations have been reported nationwide, including at a traditional Korean spa called "jjimjilbang" in Incheon, west of Seoul, and a college dorm in the southeastern city of Daegu, officials said. The prime minister's office on Tuesday launched a four-week campaign with inspections of public facilities and pest control measures. "Public anxiety is inevitable as reports continue to come in," Park Ku-yeon, first deputy chief of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, who heads the team in change of the campaign, told a meeting.

Note to myself: don't plan visiting France, UK or South Korea. Albeit, after surviving armies of bedbugs in marines in Sevastopol or living with naval ship cockroaches, in between periodic campaigns on disinfection, I wouldn't sweat too much about that. Let SOBs drink my blood and then die from food poisoning.

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