Saturday, November 4, 2023

For Prudes.

I noticed a sort of panic among people who view the world in black and white regarding this Dmitry Medvedev's statement:

I don't understand what's so special in his statement when in reality I wrote about it for many years in this blog. Namely that there are only three powers in the world now who define its future: USA, China and Russia. How about this, six years ago:

And I was writing about it non-stop. Russians are not interested--apart from it being impossible--of fighting a war in the US proper or hoisting the flag over the White House. Superpowers, and the US is a superpower, move in a very different universe. Consider this excrement from from Graham Allison, but substitute Russia with the US: 

However demonic, however destructive, however devious, however deserving of being strangled Russia (United States) is, the brute fact is that we cannot kill this bastard without committing suicide.

Of course, Russian strategic symmetric attitude is also driven by traditional Russian humanism--a feature non-existent among Washington's genocidal maniacs--but strategically it is correct: war between two nuclear superpowers will bring about a global catastrophe. Graham Allison is full of shit, as most political "scientists" are, but he is correct about suicide. So, Medvedev articulates what was and is obvious. The only twist in his otherwise self-evident stratagem is Europe. The fact that Europe is done and Russia is not going to make any arrangements with it other than dictating conditions on which Russia may soften Europe's descend into the third world, which is happening as I type this. With the US, strategically, arrangements are not only necessary but inevitable, unless, of course, the US disintegrates which would change the game, or, God forbid, the real war breaks out between Russia and the US.

It is understandable that Medvedev's statement coincided with increasingly loud voices from Washington about "peace talks" between Russia and 404. It is wrong impression--do not mistake Washington's (desperate) desires for Kremlin's policies. Ukraine is gone as a state--it is a virtual pseudo-state supported by West's money, while having its military utterly destroyed and the question here is how many war criminals from NATO will be charged once Tribunal proceedings open in earnest. As I am on record ad nauseam--the ONLY issue for Russia now is how far she wants to go and how much she gains territoriality, e.g. Odessa. The ONLY "peace talks" between Russia and 404 possible will look like this:

1. Confederalization of 404 with eventual break up.

2. Full disarmament with only police force existing in its most basic form.

3. No NATO presence in any form.

4. War criminals transferred to Russian justice.

5. De facto, external governance from Moscow. 

Something along those lines. Don't quote me on that, Russia has superb lawyers who will arrange it better than me. 

So, stop panicking. And yes, the United States now need desperately an off-ramp. I doubt Russia will get it easily to US because modern Washington is non-agrement capable and Kremlin is keenly aware of that. Medvedev talks about new generation of US politicos who may emerge (some are emerging) as people Moscow can work with.

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