Monday, November 13, 2023

Well, I Wrote About It...

 ... for years. Now Colonel speaks about it. Yes, NO people from Ivy League humanities departments and service academies for starters. I am on record--political "science" or international relations degrees from Harvard or Yale, or, for that matter, Georgetown among others should be treated as red flags and disqualifying factors, not as "academic" achievement.  

American statesmen-producing machine, always weak, is utterly broken. The "center" cannot hold anymore due to sheer malice, incompetence and cowardice of the inside of the Beltway. Simple as that. I have a vested interest in preservation, a euphemism for some sort of normalization, of the country--I live here, my family is here, many of my friends are, but the US absolutely cannot continue with what it is doing today because it already damaged the country so severely that the recovery, if it happens at all, will be done by the entity which will look nothing like the present country in terms of its values and military-economic outlook. 

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