Sunday, November 5, 2023

Brilliant Michael Brenner...

... on the history of Palestine and starting at 11:00 he hits the nail on the head of America's evangelicals obsessed with Israel and Jews in Holy Land--in other words, America's so called Christian Zionism. 

The damage evangelicals did to America is immense, and now they should see the results of their fanatical Zionism each day--what now has become an all out genocide of Palestinian population in Gaza. But then again, these are Christians in name only--in reality they are Old Testament eschatological death cult. 

As Brenner speaks bluntly--the West is in the state of a collective psychopathology. Every single tenet of morality, right and wrong universal for much of the world is being annihilated through mass hysteria. 

Psychopaths in Newsweek salivate on what amounts to nothing special, pretty regular yield nuclear weapon, but this neocon rag gets high just talking about it. 

So, if Pentagon thinks that it can use gravity bombs on Moscow, they surely have to take basic classes on modern air defenses. Russians will respond with a single (Russia has more) RS-28 Sarmat with 16 hyper-sonic Avangards with up to 2 megatons yield. A single Avangard will be enough to flatten Manhattan. Unlike the carriers of gravity bombs, one cannot intercept Avangard. So, here we have essentially WW II technology with nuclear ordnance trying to announce how it can do against the technology of the XXI century. It is madness, the fanatical zeal which is being infused into combined West while it collapses. Here is one such specimen:

Meanwhile in backward Russia:

Emperor Alexander III SSBN is getting ready to join the fleet. It is the seventh in Borei-class strategic missile submarines and the fouth of Borei-A (pr. 955A) SSBNs. Five more of these stat-of-the-art subs to go. As Nikolai Patrushev stressed:

This deterrent and the most advanced conventional forces are two required elements for keeping bat shit crazy fanatics in the West in check

Per recent attack and "sunk" ship (corvette)--as was the case with "destroyed" submarine recently, one of the corvettes which are being built (in other words, non-functional ship) at Kerch shipbuilding plant was damaged (in Russian). Some fragments of one of the shot down Stormshadow/Scalp missile also fell into the dry dock--no damage, no casualties. 13 out 15 missiles shot down, 13/15=87% combat effectiveness of the Air Defense in the area. It will get even better. I wonder how French or British will do if 15 Kinzhals or even 3M14s would fly into Saint Nazaire or Govan (Scotland)? We all know that all of them will reach targets. So, here is your primer for Sunday.

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