Friday, November 10, 2023

Another One Bites The Dust...

... figuratively speaking.  

The Senior Director for Europe at the US National Security Council, Amanda Sloat, is about to vacate her position after three years in office, Politico reported on Friday. Sloat played a major role in coordinating the efforts of the US and its Western allies in aiding Kiev and countering Moscow amid the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the media outlet reported. “It has been an amazing three years, but it’s time. I’m tired,” the official herself told Politico this week as she confirmed her impending resignation. Amanda Sloat has been a “quiet but key figure” behind the White House's efforts to improve relations with its European allies and oppose Moscow, the outlet said. She reportedly “spent months” coordinating a Western response to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, which particularly translated into billions of dollars in military and economic assistance for Kiev, the report said. 

Well, what can I say, after looking at this young lady's background. 

Amanda Sloat currently serves on the National Security Council as the Senior Director for Europe. Previously, she was the Robert Bosch senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. She was also a fellow with the Project on Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Sloat served in the U.S. government for nearly a decade. She was deputy assistant secretary for Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Affairs at the State Department, where she was responsible for U.S. relations with Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey as well as for coordinating European engagement on Middle East issues. She also served as senior advisor to the White House coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf region and as senior advisor to the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. She previously worked as senior professional staff on the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, with responsibility for European policy.

Prior to her government service, Sloat was a senior program officer with the National Democratic Institute, including work in Iraq with the Council of Representatives. She was also a post-doctoral research fellow with the Institute of Governance at Queen's University Belfast. During this time, she held visiting fellowships at the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, and the Jean Monnet Center at New York University Law School. She also served as a special advisor to the Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, and European Commission. Sloat holds a doctorate in politics from the University of Edinburgh and a bachelor's in political theory from James Madison College at Michigan State University. She has published a book, "Scotland in Europe: A Study of Multi-Level Governance" (Peter Lang Pub Inc, 2002). She has written widely on European politics in academic and foreign policy outlets.

The only conclusion I made was that she is not an ugly woman. But in terms of her competencies or rather lack thereof, she is a classic "product" of Western degree mills in what is known as "soft degrees" designed to teach academically credentialed Bullshit for good ol' boys and girls to get their degrees in order to be promoted into the all kinds of think-tank and government jobs in the West. So, she is an exhibit A of that. She may, however, qualify for barista position in Starbucks. I am on record--you see a Ph.D degree in political "science", international relations or "political theory" from Harvard, Oxford or Yale, and other degree mills with similar pseudo-academic courses--treat those as the red flags, since most of the time you will be communicating with utterly incompetent people. 

And here comes this issue--what this academic fraud could "coordinate", as Politico puts it:

Sloat’s tenure at the NSC was dominated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She spent months on little sleep coordinating a response with European allies and warning Ukrainian counterparts that Russian President Vladimir Putin planned for a full-scale assault. U.S. officials have said Sloat ensured the transatlantic response was aligned and robust, leading to billions in military and economic support for Kyiv. Not everyone is happy with the administration’s policy. They contend more advanced weaponry should have been sent to Kyiv in the war’s earliest days, pointing to Ukraine’s sputtering counteroffensive this year as evidence. And they also questioned the wisdom of the U.S. allowing the construction of the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline to finish, a decision that Germany reversed after the war started.

No, I really want to see itemization of this ensuring by this post-doctoral barista of this robust "transatlantic response". Of course, we will not get this itemization because any "ensuring" of anything in the transatlantic community is merely a single action of conveying the message from Washington--fall in line, or else. So, the whole idea that some relatively attractive bimbo who has zero professional skills in anything can "coordinate" something is down right preposterous. Starting from W's Administration after 9/11 US military-political top didn't present a single decent, forget about world class, diplomat, military leader or statesman. General Tommy Franks once clearly described what he had to deal with when communicating with Douglas Feith: "I have to deal with the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth almost every day."   

What is true today is that the types Tommy Franks described are the ONLY types required for work in the US Administrations. They are the ultimate product of pseudo-academic courses in Western humanities degree mills. The fact that this, obvious, affirmative action lowly bureaucrat is bowing out is merely an indication of the rats running from the sinking ship which is not just Biden Administration but the whole governance structure of the US. Of course, one shouldn't forget that the roles of many people in Biden Admin and US "academe" and media in unleashing a largest war crime since the WW II in what is now former Ukraine are well known, as are their identities and functional responsibilities in what amounts to killing and maiming of around 2 million people, primarily VSU personnel, not to mention atrocities committed by Kiev Nazi regime. 

So, this bimbo runs away because she may well be, most likely will be, identified as one of the "coordinators" of this atrocity, however not the main one, and she could be charged with war crimes as an active part of Administration which is fully responsible for war crimes of the scale not seen in Europe in almost 80 years. In this case, one has to almost envy Kamala Harris, because she is so stupid and unqualified for anything that her being a part of Biden Administration will be attributed to her mental feebleness and she will be left alone. Not the case with this "coordinator". Then the question arises, will the United States reach this phase which is described so aptly by James Kunstler:

So far, the collapse of suburbia has happened in slow motion, but the pace is quickening now and it’ll get supercharged when the bond markets go down, as they must, considering the country’s catastrophic fiscal circumstances. That will produce exactly the zombie apocalypse telegraphed in all those movies and TV series over recent years: normality overrun by demonic hungry ghosts. Every day in suburbia will be Halloween, and not in a fun way. All this is apprehended to some degree by the increasingly frightened public, though they have a hard time articulating it within any of the popular frameworks presented by politics, religion, or what appears lately to be extremely corrupt science. The people see what’s coming but they can’t make sense of it, and the stress makes a great many of them insane. Without a way to construct a coherent view of reality, or tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, they behave accordingly: anything goes and nothing matters.

The US is already half-way there, and once the center refuses to hold anymore--this is in the progress as I type this--the inevitable question of who brought the United States to utter collapse will arise. Well, it is arising now, actually, and many who brought this about are well known. We just learned the identity of yet another one who helped America on her way out of normality. But then again, what do you expect from post-doctoral barista.

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