Sunday, November 19, 2023

About Ukrainian Pilot.

The news, of course, have been denied by Ukrops. But they and the West live in the alternative universe. 

A military pilot from the Armed Forces of Ukraine has defected to Russia, TASS reported on Saturday, citing a person who allegedly organized the pilot’s flight over the frontlines. The Ukrainian is an active-duty serviceman who held the rank of “senior officer” with Kiev’s forces, a Russian Telegram channel following the situation has claimed. “The Ukrainian armed forces pilot is currently in Russia and is being interviewed by the Federal Security Service,” a Russian military strike helicopter pilot, identified by TASS as Aleksey Voevoda, told the agency. Russians were reportedly behind the operation. ... In addition, he had reportedly been helping Russian forces since the outbreak of fighting between Moscow and Kiev, according to a claim by the deputy information minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Daniil Beznosov. “The Ukrainian pilot had come down to our side from the very beginning of the special military operation and was helping us with information and in other ways,” the official wrote in a Telegram post.

Thus, it is not defecting per se, it was a return home to a man with integrity and courage. He, highly likely, was given information about circle of suspicion around him and told to escape. He did. I am sure he will be awarded and rewarded by Russia for helping. Good for him. 

But it is embarrassment, of course, for Kiev regime and the new Russian meme started to circulate immediately: 

CNN: In order to avoid hijacking of the aircraft and flying them to Russia, F-16s will be supplied (to Ukraine) without wings. Figures;))

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