Sunday, November 26, 2023

I Don't Think It Was A Mistake.

Truth is, I am on record--once SMO is concluded and the numbers of losses of VSU will be revealed with any degree of certainty, the world will be stunned and there WILL BE questions to London and Washington. The Ukrainian TV Channel 1+1 accidentally did put out real numbers of KIAs and MIAs. Yes, recall that MIA category is a favorite one for VSU and Kiev regime--it is an artificial statistics for avoiding paying compensations and keeping whatever is left of population of 404 in the state of hypnosis. So, here it is:

1, 126,652 KIAs and MIAs for VSU. Somebody will have to answer for this atrocity and the main puppet masters sit in Washington and London and their names will be named at the Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal. Many will also be charged with crimes in absentia. In related news--this number is larger than US losses in all XIX, XX and XXI centuries wars combined. They are beyond comprehension of any US military, let alone, political figure. 

The office of a 404 "president" reacted immediately and forced 1+1 to retract the story, but it is too late. It is also a number which many of us here played with based on available data. 404 is done as a state and as a nation. Washington now shifts blame to UK for sabotage of negotiations in Istanbul. Of course, when one has a cretin such as BoJo it is not difficult to do, but Washington doesn't understand that real politics is done in real world, not in PR universe. Russia knows the names of puppet maters.  SMO continues and Avdeevka is being mopped up, including Russian forces capturing Yasinovataya-2 station--an abscess which existed since 2014 and was used by NATO forces to shell civilian areas of Donetsk. It was also the most fortified area of all 404 front. The meat-grinder in Avdeevka for VSU continues and probably another couple VSU brigades will perish in coming days. Adds to the score and record of US and British operational "brilliance". But then again, when one studies Zapp Brannigan's operational art and strategy what do you expect? 

As many noticed, they love to talk about "human waves" by the Red Army--a BS concocted by Wehrmacht which "taught" Anglo world how to "fight". Talk about projection.

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