Thursday, November 16, 2023

In Related News: Water Is Wet...

 ... fire is hot and the sky is blue. 

One of the UK’s most senior generals allegedly withheld evidence of Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers executing handcuffed detainees in Afghanistan instead of disclosing it to military police, British state broadcaster the BBC reported on Thursday. General Gwyn Jenkins, who is now the second most senior officer in the UK’s armed forces, reportedly received detailed written accounts of conversations between soldiers describing extrajudicial killings of Afghans in 2011, the BBC claims, citing an investigation by its Panorama program. In March of that year, Jenkins allegedly received information from an officer in the UK’s Special Boat Services that his colleagues were unlawfully killing unarmed civilians during nighttime raids, the report alleged. It added that soldiers were routinely killing “fighting-age males,” defined as men aged 15 or over, regardless of whether they posed a threat or not.

This is not the news. Yes, many special forces in the world, operating in the enemy's rear usually execute the unlucky civilians who can get in a way and identify and compromise special forces. Not always, but often. Russian Spetsnaz in Afghanistan had the situation when they encountered a girl shepherd while raiding the mujaheddin-controlled territory. They couldn't kill the child, so--they took her with them until fulfilling the task, and after return to the base transferred the girl to Tsarandoi and they returned the girl to parents. 

But this British case is evidently different--those killings have been just murders and have been a routine. Well, what can I say--expected from NATO warriors, once one begins to understand that most what British, American, German or Polish "volunteers" in Ukraine became known for--not their fighting qualities, not very high as was noted many times by Russians, but primarily for shooting in the backs of retreating VSU soldiers. In fact, this has become their primary MO, especially as the SMO continued.    

Пленный сообщил, что в иностранном легионе украинских войск служат поляки, британцы, американцы, бразильцы, испанцы, французы. По его словам, большинство наемников совершили тяжкие преступления у себя на родине и теперь скрываются от правосудия в рядах ВСУ.  Чубетидзе также заявил, что из иностранного легиона выставляли снайперские пары позади позиций подразделений территориальной обороны: если украинцы отступали, наёмники открывали огонь, заставляя вернуться на позиции.

Translation: The prisoner said that Poles, British, Americans, Brazilians, Spaniards, and French serve in the foreign legion of Ukrainian troops. According to him, most of the mercenaries committed serious crimes in their homeland and are now hiding from justice in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Chubetidze also stated that sniper pairs from the foreign legion were posted behind the positions of territorial defense units: if the Ukrainians retreated, the mercenaries opened fire, forcing them to return to their positions.

Let's not forget this:

Kinda fits the pattern.

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