Wednesday, November 8, 2023

About Tribunal.

The real one, which is already in a preoperational stage, because a bunch of Kiev Regime Nazis have been charged and sentenced for their crimes in Russia. I spoke about the issue of justice for war crimes of 404 and its curators today with Ania. And here we are today:

What does it mean, then, "to be held accountable" in relation to "Western sponsors"? Very simply, many their names and positions either in West's military or intel orgs are well known. Their identities are also well known. Here Nebenzya elaborates:

“These are conscious and cynical crimes that have no statute of limitation,” the Russian diplomat said, adding that Moscow will hold responsible not just the “Kiev regime” but also “Western countries who flood Ukraine with weapons and – as we are well aware – also approve targets of the strikes.”

Cannot get any clearer than that--for starters they will be charged with war crimes in absentia. Unlike BS of ICC in Hague, the names, the identities of those charged will be announced and charge will be not just of being responsible for killing, torturing, abusing, ethnically cleansing of Russophone population of 404, including torture and execution of Russian POWs, but in crimes against humanity. Now, once one considers that Washington and London's "war planning" and "command and control" are directly responsible for the deaths of between half-a-million and a million of VSU personnel, with one million of them maimed--guess from three times, how many of those people and their relatives and friends would want to settle accounts with those who are directly responsible for this horror? 

Well, for starters those whose identities will be disclosed and charged, will have to tread very carefully beyond the borders of their respective countries. But, considering the fact that neither the US nor EU know the meaning of national borders and how to defend those, even confining oneself to a what seems as safe location will do very little when one will have a number people who will be after them and, remarkably, will require no additional stimuli to settle accounts. FSB or SVR with G(R)U wouldn't need to move a finger, disclosure of identities by Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal and charging in absentia will be enough. 

As I am on record, most of those who "advised" Kiev Nazis--primarily from UK and the US, but not exclusively--do not have an appropriate organ, the mental and moral tool kit--to grasp the scale and the gravity of their crimes. It is one thing to kill Skripal's cat and do the false flag with chemical weapons somewhere in Syria or Iraq, totally another to be responsible for the largest war in Europe since WW II with millions of casualties. It is one thing to ran from Afghanistan, totally another losing the largest war since WW II to a country which is a nuclear military and economic superpower with wherewithal to do what it considers necessary. Or as Mr. Lavrov conveyed it today:

The country is in no rush to resume engagements with the West anyway, according to Sergey Lavrov    

Do you get the picture yet? They chose very wrong people to fuck with, and compared to Wehrmacht and RSHA they all look like amateurs. 

Meanwhile, Larry reports:

While the world’s attention is focused on the war raging between Israel and Hamas, the military confrontation between the United States and Hezbollah is heating up. Since the Hamas attacks on 7 October and the subsequent retaliation by Israel, U.S. military bases and outposts in Syria and Iraq are facing daily attacks with rocket, missiles and mortars. I learned today from someone who regularly visits Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland that the wards are filling up with U.S. military personnel wounded in recent attacks on those bases. The White House and the Department of Defense are working actively to suppress this information, apparently out of fear that the American public will recoil at news of the losses and step up pressure for the United States to get out of Iraq and Syria.  

Some people in this blog asked if it is wise for Hezbollah to disclose that they have, unlike HAMAS, BTW, serious weapon systems such as anti-shipping missiles. There is no secret in it, just recall this:

INS Hanit which was struck in 2006 with C-701 AshM, while much heavier and deadlier C-802 failed to lock on Hanit and struck some other vessel. So, it is nothing new for Hezbollah to be armed with much heavier weapons, including unconfirmed full blown missile air-defense complexes, than HAMAS--after all, Iran has a very advanced military industry. So, it is getting curioser and curioser(c) out there.

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