Tuesday, November 21, 2023

I Would Never Do This, LOL))

Because my wife would kill me, but this Dutch dude who married Russian woman, they did it--they took the Moscow-Vladivostok train. No, this is not the fact that they took this 7 day journey--me and my significant one dream about it, but in the fucking first class accommodations. But no, this dude from Holland and his wife they took PLATZCART. Since we begin to settle into Thanksgiving, enjoy lighter videos. This is their fourth day, but you can follow their amazing journey from the start. 

You can see who Russian Army recruits are, what Russian MREs for travel are and, also, catering service you can order in Russian cities and towns. But, man, platzcart, LOL. But he captured it so well--by the end of the journey everybody knows everybody and their lives' stories. 
P.S. The kid he talks to--he is at 19 a salt of the earth person. What is most important, everyone gets a real man already at this young age. 

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