Saturday, November 25, 2023

I Googled Mia Khalifa.

OK, I admit--I am not a big connoisseur of porn, alright? Like with Stormy Daniels I went to all kinds of seedy sites and "researched" Mia Khalifa's contribution to the field of fine arts. OK. Now, the question... while looking up Gaza videos I stumbled upon this:

Is it a good idea to have a "former" porn "actress" as an advocate for Gaza and Palestinians? I know we all live in a completely perverted world, but heroism of such women as Eva Bartlett who risked her life for reporting from Gaza shouldn't be degraded by the opinion of a a gal whose only risk was to be gang banged for a serious sums of money by a bunch of "actors", while risking the STD. 

I am not saying that one should prevent such people from having a epiphany and trying to correct their lives, after all Tolstoy's Resurrection (BTW, Nabokov, obviously, took it further)  and much of Dostoevsky's writing is about fallen women, but talking about Gaza tragedy and regional politics, even granted Khalifa's degree in history, cannot erase the past and the consequences she has to live with. In the end, no money from pornography, even very large sums, can buy class. What's next? Jenna Jameson geopolitical think tank?

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