Thursday, November 16, 2023

Something About Subs.

I mean Russian subs and info which was disclosed just today through very respectable magazine Arsenal Otechestva (The Arsenal of Fatherland). As Ria Reports. 

МОСКВА, 16 ноя – РИА Новости. Российские стратегические атомные подлодки "Борей" своей гидроакустической станцией "слышат" под водой в 1,5 раза дальше американских субмарин, говорится в статье нового номера журнала "Арсенал Отечества". "Одним из инновационных средств превосходства подводных крейсеров класса "Борей" является гидроакустический комплекс, который позволяет обнаруживать ("слышать") корабли противника на расстоянии в полтора раза больше, чем аналогичные системы самых совершенных американских многоцелевых АПЛ четвертого поколения класса Virginia, не говоря уже об ПЛАРБ типа Ohio", - отмечается в публикации за авторством сотрудников Военно-морского института ВУНЦ ВМФ "ВМА" капитанов 1-го ранга Виталия Бычкова и Владимира Семилетова. 
Translation: MOSCOW, November 16 – RIA Novosti. Russian strategic nuclear submarines "Borey" with their sonar complex "hear" under water 1.5 times further than American submarines, according to an article in the new issue of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine. “One of the innovative means of superiority of the Borei class submarine cruisers is the hydroacoustic complex, which allows you to detect (“hear”) enemy ships at a distance one and a half times greater than similar systems of the most advanced American fourth-generation Virginia-class multipurpose nuclear submarines, not to mention Ohio-class SSBN,” notes the publication authored by 1st Rank Captains Vitaly Bychkov and Vladimir Semiletov, employees of the Naval Institute VUNTS Navy “VMA”.

So, the revelation mode continues. The MGK (or sonar complex) they are talking about is MGK-600B Irtysh-Amfora-Borey. A similar MGK is installed on Yasen-class (pr. 885) SSGNs. As you may expect, there will be many ass-holes of domestic and foreign "experts" exploding, since it is one thing to spread BS such as by H.I. Sutton or bunch of losers from TopWar, totally another trying to contradict the authorized for release data from actually serving senior officers of Russian Navy published through one of very few truly professional and well regarded by Russian military community magazines. Just a note for your consideration. 

Keep also an eye on Dubai Air Show.

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