Sunday, November 19, 2023

Things Do Malfunction...

 ...once in a while everywhere. Missiles fail to launch, shit blows up in containers et al. But it looks like much touted Patriot AD complex has issues which are consistent. This time in Romania. You don't need the knowledge of Romanian language, but you can easily recognize now so traditional trajectory of Patriot's missile which, and you may have guessed it already, failed to ride the beam to the line of opening of own radar visor and locking on target, and decided to do "let's scare the shit out of everybody" routine and... judge for yourself. 

And, of course, we are still waiting Pentagon's assessment about those Patriots from 404 after they had a visit by Mr. Kinzhal which, as they say, provided only "light damage", LOL)) But for now it is the whole story with NATO as a whole, a hallmark of sorts. But, as the comments of Romanians under the video suggest, they are ecstatic from buying this very expensive and very-very-very awesome complex from the US, wink, wink. Thank you, Google Translate.  

In related news:

Many foreign mercenaries recruited by Kiev soon opt to flee Ukraine after experiencing the gruesome reality of the battlefield, an army officer told CNN on Sunday. Moscow has previously said that Kiev is using soldiers from other countries as cannon fodder to breach Russian defenses. In an interview with the American network, Lieutenant Dmitry Kostyuk said that his platoon, which was deployed not far from Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine), a scene of fierce fighting in recent months, was short on personnel and was replenished by 12 foreign fighters. According to the officer, while some mercenaries join the fray because they are attracted to “the romance of war,” others go because they see fighting as their “professional activity” or even “because it is a good line on their resume.”

It is too bad, that nobody explained to these guys that this is a real war, not some BS of patrolling Iraq or Afghanistan with a relatively low risk of getting IEDed or receiving an RPG-7 grenade into the Stryker's side, while shooting unarmed civilians and calling on CAS the moment somebody starts to shoot back. Nope, this is a very different affair. As RT piece quotes:

As a rule, they do not realize what they are getting into. Many people imagine our war as a gunfight with the enemy, but they don’t realize how much artillery there is and that you sit under fire all day, every day, and may not see the enemy at all.

Yes, add here aviation, drones, being seen 24/7 by ISR complex of those backward Russkies, plus getting under a horror of Russian MLRS and then facing off with the guys who are the best close combat fighting people in the world and you get the picture. They don't teach this at USMA at West Point? But who would teach it there? Institution which thinks Patton was a great general--they better wake up to the reality of old and modern warfare and smell the putrid smell of soiled pants by all those Hollywood-"educated" mercenaries. That's the Malfunction on the grand scale. Ask any USMA graduate officer who Katukov was--they will have no idea. Same goes for Rybalko or Lelyshenko, among others. As I said--Malfunction.  

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