Wednesday, November 1, 2023

It Flew.

The first flight of modernized IL-96-400M. 

This is just the start, with PD-35 coming online soon and possibly wing redesigned and made composite--the most important part is that Russia preserved and now develops competencies in wide-body aircraft, which she can produce entirely out of own resources. Count on fingers of one hand how many countries can do that. I'll give you a hint--US and Russia. Airbus is an international consortium having several nations taking part. 

To rub salt into the wound of Russia-Gas Stationists, in Russian--the latest expo of Russia's rolling stock. Rate of Made in Russia? Between 98 to 100%, including all systems of control and propulsion. This all is a real hi-tech. It also is already in serial production or about to start. 

Yep, definitely a gas station. 

In other news, Lindsey Graham confirmed what we always knew about him--he is a genocidal maniac. 

People of South Carolina should be proud. Graham represents them.

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