Thursday, November 23, 2023

It Was Expected...

... sort of. As Ria reports today: 

МОСКВА, 22 ноя - РИА Новости. Новейший российский истребитель МиГ-35 применяется в ходе СВО, заявил РИА Новости генконструктор Объединенной авиастроительной корпорации (ОАК) Сергей Коротков.Первый полет истребителя состоялся в 2016 году, презентация машины - в 2017-м. По данным из открытых источников, в настоящее время на вооружении ВКС РФ находится шесть предсерийных образцов МиГ-35. "Сегодня в связи с теми событиями, которые происходят, машина участвует уже во всех операциях, которые проводятся. Ещё предстоят дальнейшие испытательные полеты завершить, и тогда министерство обороны примет окончательное решение", - сказал он, отвечая на вопрос, принято ли решение о серийных закупках МиГ-35 для ВКС РФ. Коротков отметил, что характеристики МиГ-35 "устраивают инозаказчика", параллельно ведутся переговоры о поставках на экспорт.
Translation: MOSCOW, November 22 - RIA Novosti. The newest Russian MiG-35 fighter is used during the SMO, General Designer of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Sergei Korotkov told RIA Novosti. The first flight of the fighter took place in 2016, the presentation of the aircraft took place in 2017. According to data from open sources, there are currently six pre-production MiG-35 models in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. “Today, in connection with the events that are taking place, the vehicle is already participating in all operations that are being carried out. Further test flights still have to be completed, and then the Ministry of Defense will make a final decision,” he said, answering the question whether a decision has been made on serial production procurement of MiG-35 for the Russian Aerospace Forces. Korotkov noted that the characteristics of the MiG-35 “satisfy the foreign customer”; in parallel, negotiations are underway on export supplies.
But some combat aviation fans already made the video, wink, wink. 
The fact that MiG-35s fly in SMO is, certainly, indicative of Russian MoD and even Kremlin probably having doubts about retiring a legendary brand. What is the real need for MiG-35 I don't know, but this aircraft is created for fighting military conflicts of high intensity and if anything comes to mind as a remote NATO equivalent--it is French Rafale. Keep in mind that MiG-35 was taking part in famous Indian tender which was won (I mean bought, LOL)) by Rafale
Both are closely matched in performance, but MiG, naturally, carries weapon systems which France doesn't produce and, of course, it is a super-maneuverable fighter. Rafale is not. So, judge for yourself the veracity of all kinds of rumors around MiG-35, also keep in mind a lot of fake "technical data" from Western sources about it, especially against the background of Rafale costing India around $220 million a pop, LOL. Plus, MiG-35's part in SMO is also a crucial entry to its resume as a fighter which fought in real war, not some BS bombing with impunity some third world nation. Rafale doesn't have it, MiG-35 now does and that plays a huge role in future export contracts. Forestalling any questions about S-75 Checkmate and MiG-35--two totally different niches. And, naturally, MiG-35 is a fully netcentric aircraft. So, here it is. Happy Thanksgiving to those to whom applies;)

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