Monday, November 20, 2023


I am not surprised, haven't been for a long while. I am talking about this:

"Директор Службы внешней разведки Российской Федерации Сергей Нарышкин заявил, что Запад требует от режима Зеленского, не считаясь с потерями, продемонстрировать мировому сообществу невозможность победы России в украинском конфликте", — говорится в релизе. По данным разведки, США и Великобритания рекомендуют руководству Украины снизить до 17 лет и повысить до 70 лет призывной возраст, а также проводить дополнительную мобилизацию женщин. В СВР отметили, что министр обороны страны Рустем Умеров предложил Верховной раде изучить возможность понижения минимального возраста для призыва в армию.

Translation: “The Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, said that the West demands that the Zelensky regime, regardless of losses, demonstrate to the world community the impossibility of Russia’s victory in the Ukrainian conflict,” the release says. According to intelligence data, the United States and Great Britain recommend that the Ukrainian leadership reduce the draft age to 17 and raise it to 70, as well as carry out additional mobilization of women. The SVR noted that the country's Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov proposed to the Verkhovna Rada to study the possibility of lowering the minimum age for conscription into the army.

This is everything one needs to know about Pentagon and their colleagues from London. Basically, desperately hiding behind backs of women and 17 year old kids. Well, aging men too. So much for "reputation", right? Lord Austin is in 404 pledging (for public mostly) unending support for Nazis in Kiev, but it seems utter delusion is what drives Washington nowadays. 

Larry gives a good treatment to a couple of US geopolitical "heavyweights" (a euphemism for credentialed clowns). 

If you are looking for more evidence of the panic that has seized the Washington foreign policy elite then the latest offering by Richard Haas and Charles Kupchan is a slam dunk. Haas has been a foreign policy guru since the 1980s. Kupchan is just an academic with nice pedigree but no clout. ... Their piece in Foreign Affairs — Redefining Success in Ukraine: A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends -is just one more reminder that years of experience does not make you smart or right. Haas and Kupchan’s lack of critical thinking skills displayed in this article is downright shocking.

Larry talks about this piece in FA.  

Redefining Success in Ukraine. A New Strategy Must Balance Means and Ends

I have other suggestions, how about new title: Redefining US "elites" cultural and educational level to equivalent of high school. Plus, US can not do "strategy", it couldn't since WW II, because completely confabulated own military history. Simple as that.

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