Friday, November 24, 2023

Larry Reacted.

To Robert English piece which I touched upon in my post yesterday. Here is what Larry especially focuses on:

The unanswered question implicit in English’s observations about Russia outproducing, not just the United States, but NATO as a whole is this — why are Western intelligence analysts so ignorant of Russia’s industrial capability? Early on in the Special Military Operation I was writing pieces about Russia’s rich supply of natural resources and minerals essential for producing bombs, drones, tanks, artillery and missiles. Russia, unlike the United States and Europe, was not dependent on imports to sustain its military industrial capability. It is self-sufficient and has trained workers who can do the job required to manufacture such items. Robert English fails to pinpoint the real weakness of the West — it has stripped itself of steel and manufacturing plants and shipped those overseas. The United States and Europe do not have the ability, at least in the mid-term, to ramp up production and match the Russians shell-for-shell and tank-for-tank. The United States is like an aging boxer who decided to fight a rejuvenated contender in a 15 round Heavyweight match, but only trained to last two rounds. That is why Russia is battering the hell out of Ukraine and, by proxy, the United States.

Larry basically gives a rundown of a whole piece, unlike me who went ballistic with WW II statistics primarily.  Read it in full--it is excellent. The significance of all that is the fact that it is a pronounced trend right now with more and more people turning to alternative media and Quincy Institute, naturally, tries to occupy such a niche with, often, same ol' exceptionalist corporate media and "history" crap from which people try to escape. 

Per Ireland--if you think that riots in Ireland are some kind of an exception, they, actually, are not. Right now, as I type this, you should see a dramatic tightening of the screws in Russia on labor migrants and I mean dramatic, it is also being made public. And even the success of Geert Wilders in Holland shouldn't be dismissed as just another European Zionist getting to power. This is THE issue--many people still cannot grasp, the issue I commented upon very often: Israeli lobby in Europe and especially in the US monopolized a legitimate serious issue of relations between West and Islam by inserting Israel into this problem as some kind West's "outpost" defending the West. Israel certainly does not do such a thing and uses this agenda to merely advance her interests. 

Until the separation and disassociation between Israel and her Zionist agenda and the West (not to be mistaken for many Jewish communities many of who are not Zionists) happens, this will continue to exist jointly in the West, unlike it is the case, as an example, in Russia. Law is the law, Moscow's Mufti may express concern about Russia deporting masses of Middle Asian migrants who commit crimes, but here is what Russian Patriarch tells him a month ago:

Москва. 25 октября. INTERFAX.RU - Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Кирилл выразил обеспокоенность долгосрочными последствиями привлечения в Россию дешевой рабочей силы из-за рубежа. "Такого рода люди не становятся нам близки ни по вере, ни по культуре. У них своя вера и своя культура. Образованный, интеллигентный русский человек должен с уважением относиться и к вере, и к культуре других людей, но если иная вера, иная культура будут так распространяться, что в какой-то момент они сравняются или, не дай Бог, станут доминировать, то мы потеряем страну, мы потеряем свою идентичность", - сказал патриарх на встрече со студентами МПГУ. Не входя в тонкости миграционной политики, он подчеркнул, что "стремление заполучить дешевую рабочую силу в городе Москве не должно привлекать огромное количество людей, принадлежащих к иной культуре, к иной вере, часто не знающих русский язык и не имеющих, простите, уважения к России и к ее народу".

Translation: Moscow. the 25th of October. INTERFAX.RU - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Rus' expressed concern about the long-term consequences of attracting cheap labor to Russia from abroad. “This kind of people do not become close to us either in faith or in culture. They have their own faith and their own culture. An educated, intelligent Russian person must respect both the faith and the culture of other people, but if the faith is different, the culture is different will spread so much that at some point they become equal or, God forbid, begin to dominate, then we will lose the country, we will lose our identity,” the patriarch said at a meeting with MSGU students. Without going into the intricacies of migration policy, he emphasized that “the desire to get cheap labor in the city of Moscow should not attract a huge number of people belonging to a different culture, to a different faith, who often do not know the Russian language and who do not have, excuse me, respect for Russia and to her people."

The reaction from all kinds of lobbyists and migrant labor migrants was hysterical and boorish, but here is the issue--Russian Muslims DO differ dramatically from the stream of Middle Asia guest laborers and number of steps of dealing with this issue are already being undertaken. In the end, Patriarch is hugely important and powerful figure in Russia. When he speaks, people listen and we all know that Vladimir Putin, Medvedev, Mishustin, Patrushev and others are keenly aware of the problem and it is being solved. You come to Russia--you live by Russia's laws, period. If not--bye, bye, often through prison terms before final goodbye.

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