Friday, April 29, 2022

My Good Polish Friend Mike Krupa Sent Me...

...his piece at Consortium News. He gives an interesting introspective of Morawiecki's family and talks about the father of the current Polish PM who is very eager to start troubles in the Western Ukraine. 

It might come as a surprise to many, however, that this eagerness to be in the vanguard of the West’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, does not, so to say, run in the family. The Polish prime minister’s father, Kornel Morawiecki, who succumbed in 2019 to pancreatic cancer at age 78 and was a legend among old school anti-Communist oppositionists, is a case in point. Despite being the founder of one the most radically anti-Communist underground oppositionist groups in Poland in the 1980s, the Fighting Solidarity, Morawiecki Sr. in his late political career — during which he was an MP and senior marshal of the Polish Sejm — displayed an altogether different attitude towards Poland’s geopolitical position, and by extension, Russia. If one were to throw a simplistic ideological divide between the father and the son, we can say the father was definitely the realist, while the son was and remains the hawk.

Read the whole article, which Mike ends, after reviewing realist position of current Polish PM's father. Mike concludes this excellent piece with witty comparison.

This seems to be the modus operandi of the West — the United States in particular — when politically back-patting Warsaw for being useful in whichever type of war, cold or proxy, the West and Russia happen to be engaged. Kornel Morawiecki, one of the few public voices of dissent on this crucial and in fact existential issue for Poland, knew this well. Whatever his thoughts on the current war might have been, he succinctly summed up the current sentiment of many Poles: “Our foreign policy is unfortunately reduced to playing the role of Washington’s puppet.” Sadly, in this case, the apple has fallen very far from the tree.

This, however, is not the only excellent piece Mike writes at this turbulent time. Here is his another excellent history piece in the American Conservative. 

Regarding Russia, Poland Needs to Grow Up. It is past time for the Polish political establishment to implement the vision of Roman Dmowski for a mature foreign policy. 

It is this time that Krupa's voice of sanity and competent historical reflection becomes especially valuable and important. 

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