Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Andrei Raevsky With A Broadside.

The Saker also had it with BS which passes for "military analysis" in the US and fired a broadside both military and metaphysical. 

I bumped into a Foxnews propaganda piece featuring a clown which, apparently, in some very distant past was a US Lt. General in the USA military, his last name is Kellogg.  I decided to give it a try and I have to say that I sat absolutely *transfixed* listening to him: according to him, Russia has already suffered a huge defeat at the hands of the Ukronazis and with NATO’s help the Ukraine can, and probably will, win this war. And both that “general” and the presstitute “interviewing” him delivered that crock of shit with great gravitas and appropriate facial expressions (angled eyebrows, the way the journos try to look very sincere).  I was expecting at least one of them to burst out laughing but, no, of course not. These two simply lack both the brain and the humor to realize how terminally stupid and ridiculous they both sound. As I have written many times in the past, US generals are much more “corporate CEO in combat fatigues” than real combat officers.  By Russian standards this guy would not even be allowed to clean latrines in a construction battalion.  A man who says with a straight face that delivering 20 Soviet era aircraft or S-300 to the Ukrainians will make a difference in this war is either a clueless civilian or a deliberate liar prostituting his (putative and now former) officer’s honor for a few bucks.

Read the whole piece, albeit I have a little disagreement with Voloshin's (I love Russian Symbolism poetry, Alexander Blok being my most favorite) poem application here because as I am on record (and not me only) for a long time--the bacilli of Nazism and exceptionalism spread widely in Ukraine and I, personally, will have any pity towards Ukrainian POWs only after they are cleared of war crimes. While there is no doubt that the bulk of those has been committed by Nazi and Territorial formations, VSU are by no means angels. There is an extensive record of them committing a variety of atrocities ranging from simple robbery to shelling Donbass civilians WITHOUT any coercion from Nazi element. Let SK, FSB and LDNR security deal with them first. 

But most importantly, it may take generation if not many generations to deal with fanatical Russophobia widely present among many Ukrainians who are not even from original Banderistan in Western Ukraine but many were and are regular 404 civilians, who will continue to be the bearers of the most extreme nationalistic views and will continue to hate. Hence second political objective of the Special Military Operation--denazification. That will require more than just demolishing Nazi infrastructure in Ukraine, it requires a complete rethinking and even reconstituting of Ukraine before long term treatment could be applied. Overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian youth NOT from Donbass has been brought up as radical fanatics and sympathizers of Nazi ideas. Regular POW grunts of VSU are already treated under Geneva convention, they are well fed, provided with medical help, have places to sleep and are working already on clearing Donbass and Southern Ukraine's liberated towns and cities. 

This massive magnificent building in Baku, known as Government House was finished after the WW II and everyone in Baku knew that it was finished by German POWs who worked in construction. It is a good example of how POWs can contribute to what they destroy. Not in Baku's case, of course, since Wehrmacht never made it to Baku, but many objects in the Soviet Union after the war have been restored by POWs. This is what takes place now in liberated territories in Ukraine. Those ukie POWs who will be cleared will be let go home, to their families. The rest, will see... 
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