Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Andrei Raevsky Makes The Point...

 ... emphatically and I agree with it: 

The collective West has now fully adopted a strategy first invented by the Israelis: if you cannot win a real war, win an imaginary one.  And just as the IDF bombing some border post between Syria and Iraq makes no military sense or even any difference whatsoever, it is great for the morale of the Israelis who, just like the folks in the West, feel a strong sense of racial superiority over their Arab neighbors so they *need* “victories” to boost their own egos and conceal the fact that Israel’s neighbors have lost any fear they might have had in the past.  What has to remain the biggest secret of them all is that, in reality, it is Israel which fears its neighbors (and it should!).  Hence all the Israeli hysterics about BDS, or the term “Apartheid”, and all the crap about anti-Semitism: they are all designed to hide the truth, and first and foremost from the Israelis themselves who all suffer from what Gilad Atzmon very accurately calls “the pre-traumatic stress disorder”.

But while I agree that combined West went into the total war against Russia (and Russians, I may add), there is this sense of desperation which marks all of this war and Alex Christoforou, while lamenting, understandably, Greece's position, elaborates extensively on Nuland (and neocons in general):

He, correctly, concludes that they want second "Afghanistan" for Russia but immediately gives out, by merely providing basic facts, the main reason why this is not going to happen, for two reasons.

1. Nuland is scavenging all she can get in terms of old Soviet equipment from anyone who has some. Like Czechs who sent, reportedly already annihilated (don't quote me on that) together with the strike on Lozovaya rail-road station near Kharkov (this one is confirmed), 40 tanks and BMP-1s. If she tries to get her hands on Tor M1s and armor from Greece and Cyprus, that tells you a lot. It is desperation. 

Of course, Pentagon confirmed that they are sending first 100 Switchblade loitering munitions to Ukraine, and that the US trained operators for this weapon in the US. But, judging by the "successes" of Javelins and the US and UK "planning", such as using civilians as human shield, the result will be primarily PR-oriented, and will change absolutely nothing in the final outcome. In related news, there are many locations around the world where US military bases will have to think twice about safety, such as in Syria, because people who do not want to see US troops there may suddenly increase their deadliness--you know, like this.     

2. Neocons are not good at war which involves the use of tanks and aircraft, but they suck even more when we are talking about modern 21st century warfare, especially the scale of what is happening in 404 now. Kagan clan, including Viky Nuland, as you know, rely on the "expertise" of such abusers of donations and grants as the Institute for the Study of War, where a bunch of political "scientists" and losers of all campaigns they fought, such as generals Keane and Petraeus, parade themselves as incompetent ignoramuses pretending to know Russia and her military. And ISW is just one of many orgs which do not "study" war but create narratives, while I personally begin to seriously doubt the competence of modern day Pentagon. They can do PR, that's for sure, I doubt they know how to fight the real war, especially as complex as that in 404. And especially they have no clue what it means to fight for your country--NO US servicemen ever died defending the United States proper. This is also a foundation of the all consuming both envy and complex of inferiority of many US generals, because Russia dwarfs the US in terms of military history and beating all best military powers of the last millennium. This is also in the foundation of many in Western elites' all consuming hatred of Russia and Russians. 

So, I quote Andrei Raevsky, "if you cannot win a real war, win the imaginary one." That is what the US is doing since Vietnam. Doing proxy wars, staging false flags, supplying Nazis and terrorists with weapons--that, they are good at. Winning? Not really. Now, being primitive one-dimensional military "thinkers" they cannot even come up with believable lie and increasingly come across as desperate, which Nuland's voyage merely confirms. They love to think about themselves as very sophisticated and advanced, in reality they are primitive, uncultured and are crafty only at political machinations--this is the extent of their competencies. This is their "level":

Do I need to say more? They long ago lost the distinction between illusion and reality and continue to fight imaginary war, because they don't know how to fight a real one.

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