Saturday, April 30, 2022

Thanks To Andrei Raevsky And His Team.

They did a translation of this Chechen soldier talking about animals from VSU and Nazi formations killing civilians. Zaur, and his brothers are real warriors. Honorable.

You can see the full story at The Saker's blog too. But there is another thing here which I cannot avoid talking about. Obviously, Ramzan Kadyrov is an exceptional man in many respects, but what he and his Chechen warriors are doing today has a truly metaphysical meaning in healing the wounds of past wars. Heroism and sacrifice of Kadyrov people is not just appreciated, you have overwhelming majority of Russians expressing their love and appreciation of their both combat and humanitarian work. I never thought I would see this while I live, but it is an absolutely unique moment. 

There is a story now from some civilians in Mariupol who were hiding in the basement of the apartment block which was turned into the fortress by Azov animals. And then, after some time the sound of small arms and machine guns fire subsides and after the period of silence those civilians heard some steps above them. They thought that now, for sure, the end is near, knowing what Azov did to civilians. And then they hear: Allahu Akbar and Akhmat--Sila (Akhmat is Power) and the whole basement sighs in full relief: "Thank God, Russians!" In recognition of Chechen Kadyrov fighters contribution in fighting Nazis, their field leader and the MP of the State Duma from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov had been awarded the title of Hero of Russia (in Russian). I am positive he is not the last one of Akhmat Regiment servicemen who will get that kind of highest recognition. The most important one, among Russian people, has been already earned. 

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