Wednesday, April 20, 2022

That Is Why They Call Him Grisha In Russia...

.... Despite Graham, of course, being 100% Brit. He is what is called in Russian "Svoi"--ours, belonging to us, a friend--because he is now more than just great war reporter. 

These are a special breed of humans, with an acute sense of right and wrong. That's Graham Phillips for the last very many years. He is recognized on the streets of Russian cities, people try to hug him and shake his hand and I am 100% sure that in the peaceful life Graham would have been an outstanding resort reporter. I hope he will be and will limit himself to only one wound he has got in 2015, I believe, when reporting from the front-lines in Donbass. Yeah, these guys: Brits, Americans, French (there is an awesome French guy fighting for Donbass while also evacuating civilians from the war zone), what have you, who contribute more to preserving some very thin thread tying Russia and what is left best in Western Civilization. 

P.S. The rumors are circulating that Gonzalo Lira was killed by Nazi and SBU thugs in Kharkov. I am sure this hasn't been just the Ukie idea, they had someone "higher" suggesting this murder. Gonzalo was a US citizen, if I am not mistaken, but this fact is no guarantee of anything in 404. SBU is essentially a CIA outlet.

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