Thursday, April 21, 2022

My Good Friend Sent Me This...

It is a discussion (excellent one) of the Russian gold: 

It is a well-illustrated piece with a great quote which concludes it:

as Chris Powell of GATA has and will say again:

“the amounts, location, and disposition of government gold reserves are secrets more sensitive than the amounts, location, and disposition of nuclear weapons.

Indeed, under nuclear weapons control treaties, governments with nuclear weapons have often shared that sort of information, even with hostile powers. But gold reserve information is far more tightly held and most gold information provided officially is actually disinformation.

Why is it this way? It’s because gold is an even more powerful weapon than nukesan alternative currency that is not necessarily under any government’s power; a determinant of the value of other currencies, interest rates, government bonds, and equities."

That quote also explains why Russia took multi-dimensional conflict with the West in stride and continues development of own economy which was being prepared for this conflict for many years now. That is called a strategic planning.

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